hngggg yes

I put in my pre-order! Yes I am here just to brag rofl. :>

Actually this should technically not be a part of my July order since I generally make every order at the end of the month for everything that was released in that month (and maybe a little back-log from my wishlist if I can afford it… which I usually can’t orz). But a glitch of sorts in Amazon!JP’s ordering system is that if you add a far-off pre-order to a large order where everything else is already out, it’ll be added to the order with pretty much free 2-day shipping and then you’ll magically get it just a couple days after it’s released.

Oh yeah. My name is Fuuko and I mess with the system to get my gay porn faster.

I actually was fretting about this order for quite a while, since it took forever for drap’s pre-order page to be posted. And there was no way I was going to not get drap this month, considering the line-up. Jaryuu Dokuro center-color? I am so there. But tonight drap was finally posted up and I was able to put in my (ridiculously expensive) order.

Has anyone else been suffering this summer from thecrazy amount of amazing releases? orz;;; I’m dreading next month since it’s also NatsuComi, which means expensive Celga fees for doujinshi. And then all the expensive anthologies (Cab, Canna, Citron, OPERA, etc.) are also released next month. jfc even scrapbooking didn’t cost this much. I need a new hobby.


2 responses to “hngggg yes”

  1. Sora says :

    yeah i know what you mean
    this BL hobby costs too much :-O
    but then again…i kinda think it’s a worth while hobby so i’ll enjoy it while it lasts lol

    • ふう子 says :

      Haha yes, it’s a hobby I enjoy so I try not to feel too horrible about spending so much money on it. orz;; But sometimes I still feel like there are better things I could be spending my money on aside from illustrated gay erotica.

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