35DoBM: Day 26

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Day 26: a BL manga you would never buy
Konna Nekomimi, Suki desu ka? by Homerun Ken

I really like Homerun Ken. So obviously, when I got to see scans of it I also really liked Konna Nekomimi. Adorable art, cute and humorous story… A+, will read again. However, the cover just makes me so paranoid as far as purchasing goes. With laws having to do with shota-ish material being so vague in the United States I just don’t want to push it, and you never know when the post office will feel like going through your mail just for shits and giggles. I was planning on buying it, but then I looked at the cover and was like “….errr, ilu Homerun Ken but I do not want to get arrested. There is a young-looking boy with his pants off on the cover.”

Which is stupid, because that book is nowhere near CP or even shota for that matter. But when you’re up against a jury and they ask “do these young men look like consenting adults?” you never know how people who aren’t in fandom are going to react. So I figured it was best to leave that book alone.


2 responses to “35DoBM: Day 26”

  1. meodien1812 says :

    At first I thought you dislike the book, but when I read your explanation below, I feel so sorry for you ~_~ Same to me, books with cover like that will never make their way out of Customs House ;_; I once lost my face and my beloved new-ordered book like that *Oh so painful*

    • ふう子 says :

      ahh that’s terrible. 8( Luckily customs doesn’t tend to go through shipments from FedEx and DHL so I don’t have so much to worry about, but sometimes I’m still paranoid about it. orz

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