35DoBM: Day 25

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Day 25: a non-BL series that you WISH were BL
Otomen by Kanno Aya

Don’t get me wrong—Otomen works very well as a non-BL manga. It’s cute to have the male behave in a feminine way and the female behave in a masculine way as it shakes up the gender norms and stereotypes to make room for what people should really look for in someone they love.

But god damn are there times where there’s fanservice or something and I can’t help but let my pitiful fujoshi mind consider “wouldn’t it be nice if this were a BL manga…?” All the random fanservice!hints between Asuka and Juuta can’t just be there for no reason! They just can’t! ;A; Those two would make such a cute couple! I mean, hasn’t Juuta even said that Asuka would be his perfect type if only Asuka were actually female? So if they were to get over the whole same-sex thing… it would be perfect. *///*

Though some runners-up for this day would definitely be Takayama Shinobu’s Amatsuki or Mikanagi Touya’s Karneval. Damn shoujo and josei manga aimed at fujoshi. However, I also couldn’t help but think “uwa they’d be hot together” about even Kazehaya and Miura from Kimi ni Todoke so maybe I’m just messed up in the head.


3 responses to “35DoBM: Day 25”

  1. Sora says :

    really…i thought it’ll be hana yori dango
    or even durarara for recent one…
    i thought durarara was bit aimed at fujoshi but the writer he was like stop bothering me about shizuiza thing because durarara is ‘straight’ genre novel :-((
    and then the girls became really pissed off and sent him bunch of hateful messages and told him to make it BL-ish at least or we’ll never buy his novels and such :-0
    so now he’s traumatized by the event poor guy.

  2. connie says :

    LOL Fuu-ko, I really dunno about Kazehaya and Miura!! But I agree that there are some amazing otaku-ish shoujo/Josei manga out there that give hints of BL and nothing more…*sigh*

  3. Kiyo says :

    Ahaha! This makes me laugh because when I was reading through the questions (before you posted these days) I had thought of Otomen, Amatsuki and Karneval! So when I read this, honestly it scared me because I was like “Whoa! Do I this this girl IRL?” XD

    Our tastes seem to run along with each other many many times!

    /late comment is late

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