35DoBM: Day 19

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Day 19: a BL manga you would like to see a live-action drama of
Mister Convenience by Aniya Yuiji

disclaimer: this is only if it’s done right! It can’t be just another shitty made-for-DVD movie with crap-tastic D-rate unattractive male actors who’re afraid to so much as touch each other much less do a kissing scene. Those are only good to sit and laugh at. (Except maybe the adaption for Ai no Kotodama because Yasuka is so very gay and made for gay roles. That was possibly a better gay make-out scene than the ones I’ve seen in those horrid gay-for-pay Coat West pornos.)

But anyway. I think Aniya Yuiji’s Mister Convenience could make such a fantastic movie. For one, it is set in a convenience store which is pretty much pitifully realistic to Japanese life-style. I can just imagine the actors in their dorky convenience-store uniforms. The flow of emotions is dramatic and would work so well if done by a director who knows what s/he is doing. The emotions are great and could be so beautiful and moving if done by good actors and set to an amazing soundtrack. So many scenes that could be breath-taking in the flow of actual movement. (Can you imagine the scene were Kitamura can’t get it up with his girlfriend anymore?? Oh mannnn it would be beautiful.)

One that I’d want to see just for the lulz is Sentimental Garden Lover. Oh man, could you imagine how terribly they’d handle a cat who turns human? Especially on a shitty BL-movie budget. I bet there would be sparkles and a moya-moya pink aura and terrible cheesy acting. So fabulous, I can imagine it now.

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2 responses to “35DoBM: Day 19”

  1. K.Makoto says :

    sentimental garden lover will be the lolz hahahahhahah. totally could imagine the cheezy sparkle…oh wells x_X
    Will go check out this series soon!

    • ふう子 says :

      haha I know, right?? That would be kind of amazing but also a bit painful to watch. Like a train wreck.

      Please do! /o/ Mister Convenience is really really good!

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