Marble, Aniya Yuiji & My Tears

If my over-dramatic title didn’t already give it away, there are currently lovely things happening in Japan right now. “Lovely things” meaning a summer fair from Marble Comics. And here I was thinking I wouldn’t care about Marble’s going-ons this month since all they’re releasing are two doujinshi anthologies for a shounen manga. But no. I clicked on their summer fair link just to see if there was anything worth my interest and it just so happens that it’s one big clusterfuck of “I bet you wish you were in Japan now, don’t you?”

As with all general manga publisher fairs, you buy a product (in this case, a book published by Tokyo Mangasha/Marble Comics) and you get a free gift. It’s not life or death  or anything because for this fair all you get is a set of colored paper inserts. But if you will kindly look closely you will notice that every single one of the artists is one of my favorites. Every. Single. One. Though I must admit Set C is especially delicious if not only because it is Aniya Yuiji’s Mr. Convenience but also because it’s Jaryuu Dokuro, Morozumi Sumitomo, Yamashita Tomoko and Kitabeppu Nica all rolled into a little package of paper perfection.

Baww to live in Japan and not only not have to pay ridiculous shipping fees but also get free things drawn by your favorites artists with your purchase. ;A; /pitiful foreigner

Anyway, in slightly happier “well that made me smile!” news, Aoi Seri made a link banner for her blog. I’m almost tempted to use it (even though I try not to use link banners) because it is Aoi Seri and her art blog actually kind of deserves the special pimp of having an entire banner to itself.

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2 responses to “Marble, Aniya Yuiji & My Tears”

  1. kokiden says :

    OH! So that’s what a fair is! “Sunday in Paris” and “Monday in Paris” both say they were specially drawn for a fair, and I didn’t know what that was! It sounds so cool.

    Poor us! Stuck here in the U.S.!

    • ふう子 says :

      haha they call it a ‘fair’ and make it sound all huge and amazing—like a carnival!—but in reality it’s usually just a give-away event of sorts where if you buy something you also get a free gift. :3;; Japanese people use English words in various interesting ways haha.

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