35DoBM: Day 18

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Day 18: a BL manga that has great art but you didn’t like it
Koi Mane by Hiyoshimaru Akira

The art for this is so cute. The characters have gigantic bubbly eyes and they wear hairclips in their hair and they’re in uniform for 90% of the manga. Cute, cute schoolboys. A boy who imitates the guy he likes is an interesting, cute idea. Pretty much cute all around—that’s what I was expecting from this manga.

But it left me hanging and actually, as much as I hate to say it, left me with a bad taste in my mouth quite a few times. Chikanari’s friend (not Kamo, but the other guy who kept molesting Chikanari even though he knew full-well Chikanari had a boyfriend) was a total douchebag, and so I couldn’t stand the end—I hated that it was suddenly sprung on you (with nothing leading up to it!) that Chikanari had actually not liked Kamo the entire time, but was in love with the other guy. This came out of nowhere and left me feeling oddly disgusted with all the characters involved. And because of that shock to my system, even though the manga ended well with Chikanari and Kamo together and in love I just couldn’t enjoy it.


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