35DoBM: Day 17

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Day 17: a BL manga that has art you don’t like but you still enjoyed it
Tango no Otoko by Okadaya Tetsuzou

Okadaya Tetsuzou has very good art; I am not, in any way, saying she (he?) is not an absolutely amazing artist. Very detailed scenes and backgrounds and stable, interesting character designs. The only problem for me is that I’m just not into gachi-muchi type art. Even in real life I totally don’t dig huge, beefy-looking men. They kind of frighten me, actually. So originally I didn’t really plan on reading The Man of Tango. I usually stay away from art styles that don’t particularly interest me (though I really wish that weren’t the case, because I know I’m missing out on a lot) because there are so many manga with art I do like that I figure there’s no reason to bother with ones with art I don’t.

But for a while everywhere I looked it was Man of Tango this and Man of Tango that. So I was like “AHHH FUCK IT” and decided I would give one chapter a go. And then another chapter. And then another. And suddenly, before I knew it, I had finished the entire tankoubon and absolutely loved it. It’s amazing how wonderfully the tango culture is weaved into the story, the characters were facinating and realistically flawed, and, somehow, I actually quite enjoyed the sex scenes even though the dudes were very, very, veeeeeery manly.

A fascinating read, highly recommended. And that really means a lot, coming from me.


5 responses to “35DoBM: Day 17”

  1. K.Makoto says :

    I tried reading this series because while I did a 150 BL artist sort, I kept seeing this cover. It irked me at first cause ‘hard gay’ came to my mind but after reading a few chapters I came to agree there is a very nice romanticism and classy feel to it. Very interesting read! Well the sex scene is bit super manly, but I manage to find the cute and sexy parts of their characters~

    (oh btw, I’m a new comer who just stalked your blog a month ago XD I’m an avid fujoshi and is reading as much as I can, updating about the current and old classic BL mangakas. Your blog has several mangaka which I hold heart too~ *inserts lots of love*)

    • ふう子 says :

      150 BL artist sort?

      I’m glad you came to like it after a while! Haha ‘Hard Gay’ came to mind? As in… the Japanese entertainment personality?

      Thank you so much for reading my blog! /o/ I’m very happy to meet and converse with more fellow fujoshi.

  2. K.Makoto says :

    here is the 150 BL sort http://fallinglogic.web.fc2.com/i/blmanga-sort2.html quiz~ will take some time make a list of your top fav 150~

    haha, rather the ‘real gay muscle men’…. XDXD

    • ふう子 says :

      I finished it! /o/ Holy crap it really did take a long time. 8D;; But it was fun haha.

      Ahhh I see. Yes, it does really seem ‘hard gay’ in that sense. XD

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