35DoBM: Day 14

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Day 14: a BL manga that you feel embarrassed about liking

Okay the problem with this question is that I got over feeling embarrassed about liking BL manga a loooong long time ago. If I still felt embarrassed about liking BL manga I wouldn’t have a blog and a tumblr dedicated to it and feel oddly proud every time I add a new BL manga to my ‘completed’ list on MAL and B-U and it wouldn’t be 99% of what I reference every time I’m on twitter. It’s not something I feel embarrassed about. It’s not something I think anyone else should feel embarrassed about. So I don’t really have any BL manga I feel embarrassed about liking.

However, on the contrary I sometimes do feel embarrassed about not liking Yoshinaga Fumi if only because people speak of her works like they’re the best thing that ever happened to BL fandom (I’ve even seen her works lauded as “too good for the BL genre” whatever the fuck that means) and like you obviously have shitty taste if you don’t like her. Which makes me sad-face. Because I personally think I have quite lovely taste thank you very much. 8(

/just chose a random picture lmao


2 responses to “35DoBM: Day 14”

  1. kokiden says :

    LOL @ random photo.

    Well I like Fumi Yoshinaga, but I don’t think you have bad taste because you don’t. Just saying.

    • ふう子 says :

      haha I figured the world needed more Kobato Mebaru.

      It’s okay, it’s okay! I actually don’t see it so often anymore now that I stick strictly to BL circles for the most part. It’s just that when I would look at review sites and such they’d often be obnoxiously elitist about Yoshinaga-sensei’s works so I developed a complex. /o\ I don’t think most people who enjoy her works act that way—just a select few who seems to think liking her makes them better than others so they’re buttheads about it haha.

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