New Aniya Yuiji Doujinshi

Over the past couple days Aniya Yuiji has been tweeting pornographic pictures via twitpic of something she has been working on. Which is mean. Aniya Yuiji, you tease. 8( I pretty much flipped out because it feels like its been forever since I read a new original BL work from her. Even Mic to Neo is all cock-blocky because the latest chapter was ridiculously short. Also since I’m missing the first four chapters and have no idea what’s going on anyway. I keep crossing my fingers that the back of drap or BOY’S Pierce will announce her in an upcoming issue but no luck so far. I feel so very Aniya Yuiji-less.

So her teasing pictures were heaven and hell for me. I wanted to see pictures but I also wanted to see more than just pictures—preferably an entire story. Perhaps even an entire book. Anything and everything that Aniya Yuiji is willing to offer, I will take on bended knee. I am just that pathetic.

But today—!! Today! While I was on a Blackberry phone that shows the entire Japanese alphabet as tiny black squares, Aniya finally tweeted with the full disclosure on what exactly all these illustrations are for. Which, quite obviously, turned out to be an upcoming doujinshi release.

Leila Leila. Released August 15th, just in time for ComiKet 78, the doujin will have 36 pages and will be an all-new original story about a male mangaka who has to write BL. Supposedly Hane and Ryouji from her first tankoubon Koi wa Kigeki de Shinkasuru will be making an appearance. (Though she says the context of the two characters will supposedly be completely different.) Very exciting. So far she has not listed any online sites she’ll be posting the doujinshi on (I’m crossing my fingers for Toranoana!! lds;gj;sd) and has not listed a price. So I guess we’ll just have to sit back and wait for her to decide on all the finer details.

sdglsjgermg;le;gljre; I AM EXCITE.

Anyway, you can see the information page here and then you can also go here to see a general story outline and some sample images from both this upcoming doujinshi and her other most recent release RE:cycled.


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