35DoBM: Day 12

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Day 12: a BL manga that makes you cry
Re:hello by Yamashita Tomoko

I was going to say Endless World for this but I’m actually saving that one. Since I want to showcase as many manga as possible, I’m trying not to re-use answers too much. But that’s okay, because aside from maybe Endless World and Kyuuso no BL manga has made me cry even nearly as hard as this oneshot did. Not even close.

This is the fifth chapter of Yamashita’s tankoubon Koi no Hanashi ga Shitai and is the first break-off chapter from the title story. The general premise is that it’s about a teenage girl who is in love with her gay uncle. But in reality, it’s a pretty deep look into gay relationships in Japan—the obsession with marriage and raising a family, the fact that gay relationships aren’t expected to last long. It’s also a look into how love and heartbreak can change people, cause insecurity and fear and emptiness. And in the end the girl realizes how hard her uncle’s life has been as a gay man, why he doesn’t seem to have any interest (or faith?) in long-term relationships and love. It’s just a terribly heartbreaking story. There’s no happy ending. There’s no fluff. It just ends with the girl’s realization, her crying face and a set of messages from a love that wasn’t meant to be.


3 responses to “35DoBM: Day 12”

  1. kokiden says :


    Oh bless you for highlighting this story! I cried so hard, too. What a lovely analysis you’ve given us.

    I do think there’s a ray of hope, because at the end, the niece sends a text to the ex-lover, opening up the dialogue that the uncle was never able to. So at least she still has hope, and she’s using her hope to help her uncle to take a step forward.

    I think this might be my very favorite Tomoko Yamashita story (which is unusual for me to prefer something I’ve translated over someone else’s translation!!). My other favorites are the first story in Black-Winged Love with the hopeless gay brother and the protective sister and “I Want My Chocolate,” also in Black-Winged Love, a much happier story.

  2. Klimt says :

    I really cry my eyes out whenever I read this manga…

  3. meodien1812 says :

    I cry every time I read that chapter. It’s so painful. It’s nothing but painful.

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