35DoBM: Day 08

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Day 08: a BL manga that makes you fluffy and happy when you read it
Love, or Something by Yamashita Tomoko

At first I was going to use this subject as a chance to talk about Ogura Muku and Kumota Haruko and how fluffy and sweet their stories are, but then I remembered this story and figured it was about time to give credit to a mangaka I absolutely adore but don’t talk about quite so often.

Love, or Something is a short story—it only takes up the fourth chapter of her tankoubon Illumination. And the setting isn’t huge and romantic. It’s just two men talking, huddled together under a blanket while sitting on a porch in the cold. One is a gay man who just cheated on his lover and then they broke up, and the other is his friend who he may or may not like—it’s never stated outright. And the story isn’t really all that fluffy or anything as far as sweet nothings and cutesy romance goes. Literally, it’s just two men sitting on a fucking porch and talking to each other about relationships and feelings. A semi-realistic story about a gay man and his straight-but-maybe-not-idek love interest and it’s just. I remember shedding a few tears the first time I read it. They’re so human and lovely and it gave me that great “kyunnnnn~” type feeling when I read it. It’s such an oddly pure, wonderful type of hopefulness that I felt really moved.

SPEAKING OF YAMASHITA TOMOKO! /o/ You can actually go here to FEEL YOUNG’s youtube and watch her color her illustrations for the cover of her latest josei tankoubon HER. It’s actually pretty damn interesting.


3 responses to “35DoBM: Day 08”

  1. kokiden/Barbara says :

    Great choice! I wish I had something to add, except that I love this story, too.

  2. Alex says :

    Thank you so much for the post! I’ll definitely get that book when i get a chance. I can’t read Japanese so the sumamry really helps :D

    btw you are not alone in your day04 post, i dont care for Yoshinaga Fumi after having read 2 of her books either. Some mangaka i grow to love; unfortunately she is not one of them. :-(

  3. snobannicxD says :

    you are WONDERFUL for posting that link up. THANK YOU. i love yamashita tomoko SO DAMN MUCH.
    i agree with what you said. it’s such a simple oneshot, but it’s just so….cute and beautiful.

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