35DoBM: Day 05

I am able to post today! /o/ So let’s wash away the general negative atmosphere of that last post and move on to something I really really love instead!

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Day 05: a BL manga you would recommend to everyone
Sentimental Garden Lover by Ogura Muku

I am a fluff person by default and my recommendations will always be biased in that way—this one being no exception. I’m sorry. Just don’t ask me for recommendations for angst and tragedy. It’s not going to happen. But anyway, the one manga I would recommend to everyone ever is Ogura Muku’s Sentimental Garden Lover. A collection of short stories, it has everything I could ever want in a manga: absolutely stunning art, underlying angst that isn’t focused on too much, cats that turn into adorable young men (Shima!!), sweet kisses, a tsuntsun uke, a story between two brothers, a story between a cute book store clerk and a delinquent student, a riiman story, a very small yet pleasing amount of sex, and loooooooots of cute fluffy moments. I have recommended it to my sister, I have recommended it to my friends, and I will keep recommending it to every other person (who is receptive to BL manga) that I meet.

It is my birthday wish that everyone ever read this, seriously. So please read it! It’s very cute and totally worth the time and effort. (Also, read all of Aniya Yuiji’s works. Do ittttttt.)


6 responses to “35DoBM: Day 05”

  1. Kery says :

    My favourite story is actually the one about the brothers, as disturbing as it may seem. orz

    Seriously, poor Urawasa (lol).

    • Kery says :

      … I mean Urayasu, as I have discovered as I re-read it for the umpteenth time.

    • ふう子 says :

      haha it’s not disturbing to me. My favorite Kobato Mebaru story of all time is an incest story, so. I can’t really judge anyone.

      • Kery says :

        LOL. Indeed.

        By the way, in your summary, you left out the (bratty-but-suave-two-bit-gangster-)PRESIDENT x SECRETARY story.

        I love the part when he gets caught trying to escape and goes “I’m bothered by the dirt on the window” while his bodyguard is bothered by the dirt on the floor.

  2. kokiden says :

    I love the do ittttt! :D

    I’m sold! Do I have to read it in Japanese?

    • ふう子 says :

      Sadly all of my personal favorite Aniya Yuiji manga are only available in Japanese. But they’re worth the extra time with a dictionary if necessary lol.

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