35DoBM: Day 04

Happy Independence Day to all of the United States readers of my blog! /o/ Be sure to eat ’til your heart’s content and set tons of shit on fire, because that’s what the United States is all about.

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Day 04: a BL manga you disliked enough to stop reading
Gerard to Jacques by Yoshinaga Fumi

Forgive me BL manga fandom, for I have sinned—I do not like Yoshinaga Fumi’s art. I can’t explain why exactly I don’t like it, but the fact remains that I don’t. And sadly, unlike with Naono Boura and Ougi Yuzuha I don’t magically come to like her art when I read her stories. Thus, I dropped Gerard to Jacques. I’m not exactly sure why, honestly—it was so long ago that I can’t remember. But I can only assume that the story wasn’t interesting enough for me to keep on reading it when I already had no interest in the art. Which killed me, because I really hate dropping manga (I can count the BL manga I’ve dropped on one hand) and I do want to like Yoshinaga Fumi. I really do. But. 8(

I was originally thinking I would wait to compile this answer with tomorrow’s if only because I  don’t like leaving posts on here off on a semi-negative note (thus the reason I do not talk about manga or news I didn’t personally enjoy or am not personally excited about) but I figured I should just hurry and get it out of the way since I might not be posting here tomorrow. orz I have already prepared an answer for tomorrow’s question, though, so please look forward to that one being more positive!


5 responses to “35DoBM: Day 04”

  1. kokiden says :

    You are so kind-hearted. That’s a wonderful quality.

    I love Fumi Yoshinaga’s gentle emotion and sense of humor. When I read Antique Bakery, the first series I read by her, I was struck by how each volume had some genuine and tender feeling nestled deep inside it.

    I disliked her art at first, but because of the genuine human emotion in her stories I grew to like her very much!

    I’m intimidated by doing this question myself, as I like almost everything I read. And I hate being negative too, when someone’s hard work is in question!

  2. haphazardlycurious says :

    Whaaaa…this story is really good. Not my fav from her but well, you are talking about the art too. It’s strange, I disliked it a lot at first but now I kind of love it.
    Well, I understand it, sometimes we know we might be losing something good but we just can’t stand the art.

  3. cosmoflip says :

    Ah, Gerard to Jacques. Again, this is one of those nostalgic works that I encountered when I first got into the BL world; it’s also the first one I’ve read out of Yoshinaga Fumi’s works. What’s mindboggling to me is that it’s also the first and only one I’ve truly liked out of the works I’ve read of hers. Anything of hers that I read after never had the same impact Gerard to Jacques had on me. I’m actually not too fussy about her art; sure it’s not the prettiest I’ve seen, but there are plenty more out there I would complain about than this one. But Yoshinaga Fumi is not on my list of favourite authors either.

  4. Connie says :

    LOL Fuu-ko, most readers already know that you do not like Yoshinaga Fumi’s art, so this choice comes as no surprise!

    I have to say, though, that I personally really liked Gerard to Jacques! I don’t care for some of her other BL work but this one I really liked. I think it’s because of the age-gap and the non-girly uke (OMG I think I’m starting to like this sub-genre, but NO SHOTA PLEASE!!!). And yes, on that note I’m all for riiman and oyaji stories, LOL.

  5. Hannah says :

    I’m so shocked!! Yoshinaga-sensei is probably my favorite manga-ka and Gerard and Jacques is one of my favorites of hers. I think her art is lovely though I guess it’s not for everyone. I also like how her characters seem so real and their emotions are completely realistic and identifiable, and she doesn’t seem to fall into those BL cliches. It was one of my earliest series (I got it when I was 12) so it also “holds a special place in my heart”, lol.

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