drap 08/10

This is a quickie post just for the hell of it since I only read half the stories in drap anyway and I want to flail about some stuff haha. That’s the difference between my love for Canna and Canb and my love for drap, I guess—one makes me very dedicated and diligent and the other just makes me want me want to spazz.

Warning for R-18 content and complete lack of story descriptions.

Pin-up by Nashi Toriko. Her name doesn’t ring a bell but her art is so very pretty. Also, hng, attractive young men in yukata getting touchy-feely. Want to hang on wall but don’t want to look like creepy perverted weeaboo.

Hyuuga Seiryou’s new drap story. To be quite honest I’m not into the character designs for this at all—they make me lol with how ~elite businessmen~ they look. But it’s Hyuuga Seiryou so I’ll read it anyway.

The final chapter of Nekota Yonezou’s Mousou Elektel. They finally have anal sex! /o/ YAY! This was the chapter I used to tell if drap was still censoring their magazine (though they said they wouldn’t, I am just paranoid) and the answer was a very huge NO in the form of a quite dirty and explicit sex scene.

Moegi Yuu’s latest story. I think the dark-haired boy is so cute rofl. He’s kind of the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ type—he seems so innocent and cute and uke but he ended up being the one who jumped his senpai. Though they didn’t get that far, so it was never shown outright which role he did play in sex. For all I know he could just be a sassy bottom.

Advertisements for Kanda Neko’s upcoming tankoubon! /o/ Actually, she has two tankoubon coming out: this one through drap and another through KAREN. So I’m very happy for her!

Yukimuraaaaaa! A new series, supposedly? Is it just me, or are her faces becoming more soft and rounded lately? I kind of like it.

A story from Shimaji that is supposedly a side-shot from something in her new tankoubon? Sadly, I do not have her tankoubon (yet) so I’m not completely sure. But it had a guy dressed up as a girl and it was beautiful. Thank you, Shimaji. Thank you.

Okay so this chapter from WORK in was 16 pages and 100% bed scene. For some reason even though Suzuki Tsuta has done some H scenes I really love I always forget that she can actually do dirty stuff. So this took me by surprise. But hey, I like surprises!

I pretty much literally squealed when I saw the this page, I can’t lie. So beautifullllll, drap always knows the way to my pitiful fujoshi heart. Also, just recently it was also announced that a tankoubon by Moto Haruko will also be released through drap. Just more things to break the bank.

An extra for Kanda Neko’s Otoko Gokoro, titled Kodomo Gokoro. Can I just say that the uke for this is so cute? Because he seriously is. In the last chapter he asked his boyfriend “how do two men do it?” all innocent and naive with this adorable aroused expression on his face and it is just. Fantastic. Incredible moe.


Takazawa Taeko. I had never read anything by her before iirc but her art is pretty nice.

It’s so nice to read Sakurai Ryou when her sex scenes aren’t censored to all hell. Thank you, drap.

This was an interview with the seiyuu for the drama version of Aniya Yuiji’s Me wo Tojite 3byou. I was stupidly hoping they would have at least something by Aniya Yuiji in there somewhere, but no. Just a bunch of seiyuu. 8(

Spread for the next issue. Pin-up by Chidori Peko! /o/ Center color by Jaryuu Dokuro! /o/! Story by Yamada Toriko and Hino Garasu! /o/!! The only thing that could have made the next issue better was a new chapter from Ootsuki Miu, but even without her it still seems like the September issue will be fabulous.

And the advertisement for Kazuaki’s artbook on the back just for good measure.

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15 responses to “drap 08/10”

  1. adevyish says :

    “Want to hang on wall but don’t want to look like creepy perverted weeaboo.” – isn’t this the problem with all posters ;_;

    That said all the ads look really lovely!

    • ふう子 says :

      Haha I agree. The only two posters I’ve allowed myself to hand up are an Aniya Yuiji poster I got for free in a magazine and the BOY’S Pierce calendar. I’ll just hope all of my Andy Warhol prints and framed news articles cancel those out rofl.

      I agree!

  2. Ari says :

    Lots of great picks here – I wish I read mags more [even if just for the pictures since I can’t read japanese ^^] still chortling over the Sakurai Ryou image ^____^

    • ふう子 says :

      I loooooove magazines if only for the new artists and all the release articles and advertisements. It’s an obnoxiously expensive hobby, though. 8D; Not sure if I’d recommend it.

      lol the half-dreamy half-confused look on the uke’s face?

  3. Abscondite says :

    So much good stuff. Nekota Yonezou and shibari… A new Moto Haruko tank… Pretty color page from Kanda Neko that raised my interest… even some Jaryuu Dokuro… Awesome. <3

    In the background, if you listen closely, you can hear my wallet screaming. Shhhhhhhh. LOL ;)

    • ふう子 says :

      Kanda Neko is faaabulous. She has very pretty art and what I’ve seen form her so far her characters are nice and her stories aren’t deep but are a fun read. /o/

      haha your wallet and my wallet can totally do a screaming duet!

  4. cosmoflip says :

    [insert YC*(W*NQXYHXOI3chnoi3w excitement for the Suzuki Tsuta porn chapter] Such a relief that the major censorship in the last drap issue was only temporary. Just hoping they won’t make any further changes in the future…

    Oh and that Jaryuu Dokuro picture in the preview looks really really cute too /o/

    • ふう子 says :

      haha it IS pretty hot. I always forget that Suzuki Tsuta can do scenes like that. And I agree—I was relieved to see absolutely none of the hideous censorship from last time in this issue. It’s back to the regular old tiny-black-bar-over-huge-penis censoring haha.

      I reaaaally hope this upcoming Jaryuu Dokuro story will be a continuation of Chishiryoubun. /o\ But I’m not going to hold my breath haha.

      • cosmoflip says :

        There’s a small disclaimer below Jaryuu Dokuro’s name saying “the actual product won’t be the same as the picture displayed” orz so probably won’t be, but i loveeeeee jaryuu dokuro’s sugary fluff <3

        I took another look again at this entry and only just noticed how much Kanda's Neko art is of my liking! Looks like Kanda Neko's and Kusama Sakae's upcoming tanks will be in my shopping cart soon ahhhhh

        • ふう子 says :

          yeah, I saw that. 8( Since the picture they used is from the kiss scene in the second chapter haha. I was hoping maybe it would be a continuation or something but proooobably not. OH WELL, anything new from Jaryuu Dokuro is a blessing in my book. /o/

          Isn’t her art cute?? *A* I am so excited about her tankoubon rofl. Promise you’ll flail about it with me!

  5. haphazardlycurious says :

    I can’t stop looking at Mousou’s pic. I think several things when I see it xD:
    /o/ they did it! finally!
    I want to know how it came to underwear sex
    undie-sex? that’s sexy and kind of kinky and..*faints*
    Thank god that Drap didn’t censor this..
    I have see it again orz
    Why is your art so yummy Nekota-sensei?

    Sorry for my fangirlging, it is such a rare occasion for me to feel like doing it.

    • ふう子 says :

      hahaha that’s fine, fangirl all you want. :D Obviously I have nothing again people fangirling.

      The up-the-boxers sex was pretty brilliant, I must agree. Bravo, Nekota Yonezou!

      • haphazardlycurious says :

        Yep, she did a lot of great things in this manga (that I have seen). Talk about the rubbing scene..god.
        Anyhow, I forgot to comment about Suzuki Tsuta since I was busy focusing on that boxer…ahem. I love her so much and I’m happy to see that she is getting more explicit ^^, 16 pages! that’s something I want to see…it’s a shame that when I tried checking the previous chapters I couldn’t understand very well because there is no furigana :(. Well, that probably isn’t needed for the sex-fest xD, let me know if you feel like scanning it ok? Night~

        • ふう子 says :

          Ahhh yes, that rubbing scene was brilliant. *A*

          The scene isn’t necessarily that explicit tbh—characteristic of Suzuki Tsuta, you can’t really see anything dirty. Like, it may as well be two naked guys humping each other rofl. But it’s still hot if only because of the positions and facial expressions, etc. Hopefully more scanlated chapters will be on the way for the series soon! /o/

  6. Lennie says :


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