Nobara tankoubon yessssss! /o/

SO SO SO. I got the Nobara tankoubon in the mail today courtesy of my lovely sister as an early birthday gift. It’s super beautiful, seriously. Though the obi for mine is ripped which is a little heartbreaking because I actually quite like how nicely Tokyo Mangasha designs theirs. Boo.

So ANYWAY. If you are going to buy the book and don’t want to know about all the extra pictures and such, don’t read this post. Because it’s all about the extras, considering I already flailed about the stories themselves. Also, there are R-18 images under the cut because Kumota Haruko is good to her fans.

On the inside flap, Mone tells us all about Kumota Haruko lol. This is also the picture they used at her meet & greet yesterday.

I was hoping the color insert would be Mimi-kun but this is definitely definitely deeeefinitely just as good. *A* Take heals all of Kanda-san’s wounds.

The contents page for the book—Nobara comes first, Mimi-kun second and Lullaby last. Mimi-kun is so adorable ;sglsdgl;j;jfghfd

lol Kanda-san’s after-shower face is amazing. I wish I looked that sexy after shower good god.

Take can’t resist Kanda’s trembling ass.

After giving Take a blowjob, Kanda licks Take’s cum of his hand. Shiiiiit Kanda is a very ero oyaji.

And then they go Full Course using olive oil in the storage room. (Which is just so unsanitary you guys. /has been watching too much Kitchen Nightmares) At one point you can tell that Kanda is moaning in time with Take’s thrust because Kumota Haruko makes good use of commas. Kumota Haruko, you have reached god-like status to me.

And then here’s the page dividers for when they needed to take up space! A very sweet and fluffy Mone theme:

Kaoru-chan and Mimi-kun.

Bird and Tokio.

I guess Mone got exhausted after bickering with Bird lol.

Then under the dust jacket is a height chart for all six of the main men. Kanda-san is so shorttttt lmfao. Also, Mimi-kun’s legs are so beautiful and hairless. He must wax.

Very cute panties, Mimi! Just look at that bulge holy crap. No wonder Kaoru loves him so much. Also, very hairy legs Take!

Hng Kaoru is so slim and glorious. He needs be an underwear model, like, NOW. Also, I don’t know if you can see it or not but he has a little arrow pointing to his nipple that says “PINK”. But lololol Tokio’s tighty-whities.


ANYWAY. That’s the extras from Nobara! /o/ Very very veryyyyyy worth it—I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am to have all my pages in book format again instead of ripped out and sitting in a box. Plus, the extra is 99% Take and Kanda having sex. How is that not worth buying the tankoubon?

It’s also worth the price page-wise—a very thick and well-built book. The dust cover is gorgeous. The close-up of Kanda and Take’s expressions on the cover is stunning and looks so gentle. I really really could not have asked for anything better.

(Except maybe for them to have not given me one where the obi is ripped.)


9 responses to “Nobara tankoubon yessssss! /o/”

  1. AzureKitsune says :

    Thanks for telling about the extras!! It makes me even more excited now!!! :D

  2. kepompong says :

    “At one point you can tell that Kanda is moaning in time with Take’s thrust because Kumota Haruko makes good use of commas. Kumota Haruko, you have reached god-like status to me.”


    ♥ Kumota Haruko ♥

  3. Abscondite says :

    …I have to get this. JUST HAVE TO! Wow. /o/ Thanks for sharing the goods…

  4. Silk says :

    I’m like… WOW ! I need to have this!! Absolutely !! Thanks for thoses eyes-candies !!

  5. chikuntefs says :

    …I’m gonna go buy this. Right now. A MILLION TIMES MORE IMPORTANT THAN EATINGGG

  6. cosmoflip says :

    THIS IS SO LOVELY. *A*!!!! And the usage of olive oil in sex reminds me of the Deadlock series (in the second volume), haha.

  7. alexgirl says :

    Thank you for this post. It is so cute, now i really have to buy it…

  8. khursten says :

    Okay. I honestly liked this manga but I only read RAWs of it. Now I’ve got to get this in my hands! :D Her art’s really cute! Like marshmallows in a cute puffy way. :D

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