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Sorry for my general lack of presence lately. This has been a pretty slow week in BL fandom for me as far as information about artists or releases I particularly care about. But I wanted to thank Jen for her nice email and also formspring!anon for your concern. I know I usually post daily if I can, but you do not have to worry if I go a week without posting anything. It probably just means I have nothing to talk about. The middle of the month always gets a bit slow.

♔ → First off, I want to point out that the new cover of OPERA has finally been posted up. When I was woken up by the phone at 8AM and saw this posted I wanted to flail about it then—it’s just that exciting. I am a bit heartbroken by the general lack of Aoi Seri, as always, but eeeeee new chapter of Aniya Yuiji’s Mic to Neo!! /o/ However, for Nakamura Asumiko, C Block must be the Sora to Hara bonus track they were talking about in the last issue. Please let it be amazing. I need more sexual tension between Sorano and Hara-sen. There is Bikke and Matsuo Marta and Kataru Cisco and Ishino Aya to make up for it if that isn’t the case, though.

♔ → HertZ posted up the covers and inside previews of their two latest releases! I’m not the biggest fan ever of Shindou Himeko’s art, but the Kanai Kei one is incredibly tempting. The four-page preview leaves almost everything up to your imagination, and everyone knows the insane imaginative power of the Fujoshi. I’m definitely regretting not buying that.

♔ → The cover of the latest Cab issue has been posted to BK1: click! Of course, it probably won’t be posted to Tokyo Mangasha’s actual website for a couple more days. It’s tiny, but it’s still a good preview! This is probably the darkest, most melancholy-looking Cab cover yet. Ogura Muku, please go back to writing fluff after Castle Mango.

♔ → As for people who want to see a larger, more high-quality image of Nobara‘s cover, look no further than Yahoo! Japan Auctions. This one in particular. Somehow, it’s even sweeter upclose! I wonder if the color insert will be Mimi-kun? Maybe? Please?

♔ → Info from Kijitora, there will be a fair for Yamashita Tomoko’s 2-book July release of her shoujo and josei manga BUTTER!!! and HER. Exciting stuff if you’re a fan of Yamashita Tomoko’s works! Which you should be, imo. I have never read any of her shoujo or josei manga so I don’t know if it’s necessarily as powerful as her BL manga, but I definitely wouldn’t doubt it. Yamashita Tomoko has proven time and time again that she’s a story-writing genius and an amazing artist to boot. I think this pop-up in particular is adoooorable.

♔ → I had a dream last night that Tokyo Mangasha released an entire anthology of Kevin Komine. It was pretty amazing.

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2 responses to “Covers & Previews”

  1. Silk says :

    Waw~ can’t wait to see the Cab cover in big size ! Though it’s true that I was attracted by Ogura Muku fluffy drawing too ^^ Seeing other style from her is exiting too ^^

    Oh and Nakamura Asumiko was doing a story about Hara-sen of Doukyuusei !? Didn’t kown ! Must follow that…

    • ふう子 says :

      Though Tokyo Mangasha hasn’t updated their site with the Cab cover yet, you can actually see it here:
      And yes, I agree on Ogura Muku’s drawings. While I would be lying if I said I weren’t a bit sad about her moving away from a fluffier art style, her current style is also very beautiful and I really liked it.

      Yes, she is! This one has a somewhat lighter feeling than Doukyuusei/Sotsugyousei because Sorano (Hara-sen’s potential love interest haha) has a very bright and upbeat personality. He’s really cute.

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