Just another reason you want to live in Japan.

Last post I talked about the Kumota Haruko book signing, but now it turns out Ogura Muku will also be doing a signing with her latest upcoming release Mizuiro to Pink, Sorekara Daidai. The signing event will be taking place July 4th. You can find more information here.

Just a second while I try to convince myself that I’m not interested in meeting Ogura Muku anyway, noooooo.

In other, ‘well since I’m posting anyway…’ news:
❤ Can I just remind everyone that I love Aoi Seri?
❤ ITAN’s cover art has been posted.
❤ It seems like all the mangaka are in preparation for NatsuComi more than anything else.
❤ Pointed out by a friend, Sunae Hata is now on twitter. And here I didn’t even know she had a blog.

SPEAKING OF TWITTER it would be pretty awesome if it would stop giving me “over capacity” errors. You are impeding on my BL fangirling, twitter, you bastard site!

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2 responses to “Just another reason you want to live in Japan.”

  1. vomitdirt says :

    I do not know this Aoi Seri but I LOVE that drawing!!! I love the smile, the lines, the flow of hair — kawaii!

    • ふう子 says :

      Aoi Seri hasn’t done much so there isn’t much for anyone to read to get to know her haha. But her art style is so so so soooooo pretty. I absolutely fell in love with her.

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