Snippets 016

♔ → Comic Magazine LYNX’s site was updated for their latest issue, which was released today! The cover for this issue if Madarame Hiro, and there are also images of the color inserts by Sunae Hata (!!), Takaoka Motonari and Kousaka Tooru. The Sunae Hata image is so cuuuuute. Also amazing and included in this volume are Ootsuki Miu, Kojima Lalako, Umematsu Machie and Takarai Saki. Delicious!

Also, they updated the previews to now include Katase Waka and Kuju Siam’s newest tankoubon. So make sure to check those out if you have time!

♔ → Speaking of Kojima Lalako’s latest story in LYNX, she updated her blog about it and posted a sample of the insert image. It’ll only be 17p but that’s better than nothing!

♔ → BExBOY’s August releases have been announced! Some of the ones I’m personally interested in are as follows:

BL Shachou by Amagi Reno
I ga Love shite You nano sa by Jaryuu Dokuro
Tsuioku by Oyamada Ami

(Sorry about how weird the Jaryuu Dokuro title looks. orz There are actually a couple different ways it can be read in Japanese, since it’s a play on words of sorts.)

I’m not necessarily that big into Amagi Reno but oh mannnn I am so excited for the Jaryuu Dokuro and Oyamada Ami releases. Especially the Jaryuu Dokuro one. And here I was thinking her next release would be through Citron, but I guess I wasn’t too far off since it’s still through Libre. Do I still get half points?

♔ → As was previously stated in the HertZ post, CRAFT will be releasing tankoubon on July 1st for Inoue Nawo titled Amane no Uta as well as Miyagi Tooko under the title Tooi Hi no Chou. If you go to CRAFT’s release page, you’ll see that the Inoue Nawo one already has the pop-up advertisement added.

♔ → To be released on August 25th, Suzuki Tsuta’s popular manga WORK in will be getting a drama CD release through Fifth Avenue. More info can be found here. The cover art is very pretty!

♔ → July 20th through GUSH, Takanaga Hinako will be releasing volume six of her ever-popular series Koisuru Boukun. Then ten days later on July 30th, she will be seeing another release (this time through Asuka DX) with volume three of Kimi ga Koi no Oboreru. So the end of July will be fun times for Takanaga Hinako fans!

♔ → Shockingly, the latest issue of Hanaoto does not have Sakuraga Mei on the cover. Evidently, Hanaoto is taking a cue form BOY’S Pierce?? But this month’s color is beautifully illlustrated by Mamahara Ellie. You can see it as well as the list of the artists included here.

♔ → On the topic of Hanaoto, I’d also like to point out that Uchida Tsuchi will be in the Do-S Salaryman anthology! /o/ Yayyy I’m happy to see more and more from her lately.

♔ → Yamanaka Hiko also has a release coming up through Dear+ on July 30th. This will be the first volume of her series End Game. Also, while we’re talking about Yamanaka Hiko I’d also like to point out that she has a pin-up in the latest issue of Reijin that’s supposedly very pretty. Is there anyone here who buys Reijin who’d be willing to take a picture for me? :D? Anyone?

♔ → I’d already posted about this before in a fit of extreme excitement, but Hino Garasu and Kusama Sakae will be getting tankoubon releases through drap this coming August. Hino Garasu’s will be titled Seinen wa Ai wo Kou and will be released on August 3rd. Kusama Sakae’s, Chikatetsu no Inu, will be released on the 25th.  For Hino Garasu’s, I’m happy Seinen will be the main included story since I’m actually missing the middle chapter rofl. orz

♔ → And finally, as for news about Kumota Haruko’s upcoming tankoubon release Nobara for June 16th, there will be a book signing on the 20th! (For you lucky motherfuckers who currently live in Japan or will be vacationing there this month.) You can find more information here and here. This is actually the day after Kumota Haruko’s birthday so if you’re going you should totally get her a little gift or something. I’m sure it would make her day. /o/

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