Ogura Muku Cover Release


I AM SO EXCITED. Is this not the most beautiful thing you have seen in your entire life?? Don’t deny it! You know it’s true!


8 responses to “Ogura Muku Cover Release”

  1. vomitdirt says :

    I don’t even know what this is but it is absolutely gorgeous. O.o

  2. Sora says :

    OMG I LOVE Ogura Muku.

  3. Alex says :

    Yes, it is gorgeous! Ogura Muku always does beautiful art work and lovely stories. Thanks for posting it.

  4. Silk says :

    Omg, it’s simply beautiful !
    I like the soft and fluffy atmosphere it give off ^^
    I totally love Ogura sensei art >_<
    I so want to read it… Less than one month to wait ?

    Didn't know she was releasing a new manga, Thank you for the news, Fuuko !

    • ふう子 says :

      Even with her newer art style she gives off a really fluffy atmosphere, doesn’t she? And yes, not too much longer to wait–it’ll be released on the 30th, according to most sources!

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