HertZ band 38

HertZ! /o/ I got it in the mail Friday, apart from the rest of my order. And it was a huge band-aid on the hot mess that was drap, seriously. So many delicious stories to be had. :9 Though for some reason I was under the impression that MatsuMieco would be in this issue, so I found the lack of her general presence a bit depressing. Oh well. Life goes on.

Some explicit content behind the cut; underage readers beware, etc.

One of the most exciting things about this issue (for me, anyway) is that Kojima Lalako did the first color insert. I am always happy to see more work from Kojima Lalako, especially if it includes color artwork because I really love her soft, subtle coloring.

The story itself seems to be a two-part short in which a boy loses his very beloved cat when the cat happens to get hit by a car. The cat was his precious best friend, so the loss was a pretty big blow for him. But then six years later a man with cat ears shows up on his doorstep claiming to be the cat—back from the dead through a wish granted by god. Personally, I’m a total sucker for stories like this so I’m excited for the next chapter.

Then was Moto Haruko, with her first time in HertZ.

I’m not sure how well I understood the story but the general premise is that college student Taichi was picked up and raised by an older man who he thinks of as his father, but something is going to happen to the place he and the older man met?? idk but it seems promising. I really like the character design for the uke; he’s very cute.

Next up was a oneshot by Kamo Nabako, whom I actually usually don’t read because the huuuuge eyes on her ukes kind of freak me out. (It feels like I’m staring into a black hole or something.) But for some reason I read it anyway and liked it.

General story: boy has badass older childhood friend, boy denies liking childhood friend and starts dating some male classmate, badass childhood friend decides to ‘teach’ boy about gay sex so he’ll know what to do when the time comes, they fall in love, so on and so forth. A relatively overdone plot in the BL industry but that doesn’t make me find it any less enjoyable.

Fourth story is by Komizu Kiyo and also seems to be a two-part short. I kind of like it a lot. In it, a young boy gets close to an older man whom his sister sneaks into her room every night. She’s not his girlfriend, though she does like him. But he ends up rejecting her. Years later the girl has seemingly moved out and the young boy has grown into a teenager, and the man shows up again needing a place to stay.

An interesting concept. I like stories like this, where the brother and sister are in love with the same person and so the brother has to worry about his sister aside from everything that’s already an issue.

Then, then! /o/ Another short story that’s starting up by Konno Satomi. I don’t believe I’ve ever talked about her before, but I really loved the chapter by her that I have in the first issue of HertZ I bought! (Which, incidentally, is the prequel to this.)

Your general childhood friends story. Seigo loves Shou and has been constantly confessing to him since they were very young, but Shou never takes his confessions seriously. However, is there a chance Shou might feel anything for him? The prequel is a story between Shou’s younger brother and his brother’s kouhai.

Next is the fifth chapter of Aishuu. Color me clueless but I actually had no idea Aishuu ran in this magazine rofl. Oops.

Can I just say I don’t like Aragaki very much? I hate that character type—the one where he sleeps around because he ~likes sex~ and can’t say no to the people who come on to him. Ick. Learn to reject people or just let Kaoru go and stop hurting him. You can’t have both, you scuzzy jackass.

After that, though, are a bunch of chapters I didn’t read due to them being either short columns or stories with one or more previous chapters from issues that I don’t own. But have some pictures of them anyway:

Kikuya Kikuko

Asou Mitsuaki

Advertisement for Miyagi Tooko’s upcoming tankoubon release through CRAFT. July 1st; mark your calendars!

Yamada Shiro. This one also had a sex scene bawwww. Why were the only ones with dirty scenes ones that I couldn’t read??

Torinoumi Yumi

INOUE NAWO RELEASE ADVERTISEMENT! /o/!! This means I won’t be buying the novel she illustrated, because she has a new tankoubon instead. So excitedddd.

Finally I was able to start reading again at Serihara Yuuki’s oneshot. Her art style is very cutesy, and the story was about a high school boy bumping into a handsome salaryman and experiencing love for the first time.

Then was a new chapter by Minazuki Akira which I didn’t read due to not having all the previous chapters. But there was a sex scene. Yay.

And theeeeeen! /o/ The fifth chapter of Yamada Yugi and Aida Saki’s Aiso Tsukashi hnnnnggg. The last chapter left off on a icky note, so I was thinking this chapter couldn’t get any worse.

Boy was I wrong. Since I know there are a lot of people who read this I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I’ll just say that I’m glad Sawaragi doesn’t seem like he’s going to back down and accept things. Seeing Shuuya cry is pretty damn depressing.

Then it’s 101 Person Love Story, this time featuring SHOOWA, and then a chapter by Meiji Kanako that I didn’t read closely since iirc it’s a continuation of another tankoubon that I haven’t read.

In the last chapter of Kinoshita Keiko’s Koyoi Omae to, as you may recall, it ended with Wakui realizing that maybe Rikurou has feelings for him.

As you can see (if you can read Japanese), this chapter put it 100% out in the open. Sadly, it cuts off right while they’re arguing about it. Will Wakui accept Rikurou’s feelings? We’ll just have to wait and see. But I love deadpan-type confession scenes, where the person has pretty much just given up all hope and states flat-out and emotionlessly “I love you”. So delicious~

Then onto chapter ten of Black Sun by Ogasawara Uki. I was under the impression that there wasn’t going to be a new chapter in this issue?? But oh well, I have nothing to complain about. I didn’t read it since wtf war type jargon and a bunch of crap I won’t understand anyway.

But, as you can see, there was a sex scene. So.

Konjiki Luna’s third chapter of Hana no Arashi wa was after that.

This is actually a continuation of the tankoubon I just bought, Prism Spectrum. However, instead of focusing on Takamura and Oomura this time it focuses on Kigano and Shinotsuki. Sadly, I’m missing the first chapter. BOO.

This was quickly followed by Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s new series. tbh this one disappointed me a teeeeensy bit because I was hoping it would be a continuation of Ryou’s story. (Like the chapter from the last HertZ issue.) But I suppose more of this couple is just as good.

Then!! The next chapter of Mieno Saori and Riwo’s Hakumokuren ga Saita nara. I. Am really becoming obsessed with this story, lmao. It’s so fantastic. Anyway the general plot is that it’s about a set of male/female ‘identical’ twins named Nagi and Nagisa, and they randomly switch places with each other. I don’t have the first chapter so even I have trouble telling them apart half the time tbh.

But anyway, there’s a very handsome, dashing classmate who’s always been in love with the female Nagi but more and more he’s been accidentally hitting on the male Nagi without realizing it. In this chapter his flirtations become more and more obvious (though not obnoxiously so—he’s not being a sleaze or anything, just not being shy) and you can tell that the male Nagi is finding it harder and harder to push him away. Then the chapter ends with the male classmate asking ‘go out with me?’ and then kissing male Nagi (thinking’s it’s his sister) and male Nagi doesn’t even seem to fight him off in the least.

Uwaaaa I don’t think this can end well. Thank goodness there will be another chapter in the upcoming issue, or I’d probably go into hibernation for the next few months.

Then was the next chapter of Inariya Fusanosuke’s Hari no Hana. Which I didn’t even try reading because it already confuses me when I read it in English. So I’m sure I’d have a complete brain meltdown if I tried to read it in Japanese.

But that’s it for this issue. \o/ Upcoming issue will have Inariya Fusanosuke on the cover (again??) and color inserts by Yamamoto Kotetsuko and Yamada Yugi. Luckily for me Matsumoto Miecohouse is going to be back in the next issue (yay!) along with Ogura Muku, Kojima Lalako, Kinoshita Keiko, Komizu Kiyo, Konjiki Luna, Moto Haruko, and a bunch more. Sadly, there won’t be a new chapter by Konno Satomi but I guess it won’t kill me to go a while without seeing her lovely art again. (Though the faster she releases more stories, the more quickly she’ll get a tankoubon release and then I’ll be able to read all of Ameiro Koigokoro!)

Anyway, until next time!

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9 responses to “HertZ band 38”

  1. Connie says :

    Awesome, thanks for the review Fuu-ko!

    I’ll probably grab Miyagi Tooko’s new tankoubon when it gets released. Old habits do die hard…

    And OMG, please do spoil me re: Aiso Tsukashi! Of all the Yamada Yugi works I’ve read, this one for some reason is my favorite by a mile.

    These days I’m totally loving riiman stories, LOL. I guess it’s because of my age. To me they’re much more interesting than school life stories!

    I also ordered the July issue of Chara Selection (for the sole purpose of seeing Yuuutsu na Asa on the cover) but the local bookstore doesn’t have it yet! They gave some excuse about it being shipped via sea (oh geeze) so it should be here in two MORE weeks. :(

    • ふう子 says :

      I hope it’s good! Perhaps the chapter in the CRAFT volume you sent me will be included!

      Are you sure??? Then here are some slight spoilers, but I don’t want to give too much away:
      In the last chapter Shuuya left Sawaragi and went off with some old yakuza acquaintance, and then in this chapter we see that Shuuya is sleeping with that man. At one point Takatsudo (I THINK that’s his name, at least?? The guy Sawaragi used to be in love with from Taka ga Koi daro…) sees Shuuya and then notices as he gets walked away by two yakuza. Since he’s then worried about Shuuya he contacts Sawaragi, who then shows up to take Shuuya back. But Shuuya refuses to go back with Sawaragi (and the creepy yakuza man lays claim on him), though it’s obvious he is very upset and still cares about Sawaragi. But then you kind of get the idea that Sawaragi isn’t going to just lay down and let Shuuya go. So HOPEFULLY the next chapter will be at least slightly more happy. /o\

      Salaryman stories are very cute, I agree! Though I do admittedly still love schoolboy stories rofl.

      Ugh that sucks. D8 I always hate when something is out of stock and thus gets postponed for a loooong time.

  2. cosmoflip says :

    Eeeeeeee! Kojima Lalako and Moto Haruko’s works look really promising in here! And thanks for the heads-up on Inoue Nawo’s upcoming tank – I should consider buying it *A*

  3. cherryarrow says :

    omggggg the yamamoto kotetsuko one looks amazing *_* i love that couple !!

    can you upload that story pretteh please?

  4. Magija says :

    “Upcoming issue will have Inariya Fusanosuke on the cover (again??)”

    I guess the reason she features so frequently is because she KICK ASS SO HARD; I mean, have you seen that jaw-dropping art?? O_O Inariya-sensei makes other mangaka look bad, lol; like they’re practicing something she is already a pro at.

    • ふう子 says :

      I agree that she has very nice art. However (as you can probably tell if you’ve read the rest of this blog) I’m a firm believer in lesser-known mangaka also getting a chance to shine. To always give the same mangaka the cover does possibly help sell more magazines but it’s a sad lost chance to promote the other artists in the magazine who deserve a chance in the spotlight.

      Anyway, I’d also like to ask for you to not downplay the talents of other mangaka in the comments on my blog. Inariya is very talented, but so are the other artists who could have possibly gotten the cover. To say that they’re just playing around while Inariya is the only seriously talented one is rudely downplaying the effort they put into their manga.

  5. Magijax2 says :

    I apologize for being rude; I was merely saying my opinion :) You were rude too, by giving yourself liberty to tell me how should I express myself. If you don’t want various comments, you shouldn’t have made this blog accessible to everyone. Also, you were rude when you sighed at announcement of another illustration by Inariya.

    I was only telling how things appear to me. I honestly think that none of other mangaka are even to Inariya’s ankles in therms of art, talent and storytelling. In fact, they shouldn’t be in same magazine with her – it’s a disgrace for such master like Inariya to be surrounded by amateurs.

    As for underdogs getting a spotlight – sure thing, IF they deserve it. But none of these amateurs seem to do. If I was in their place, I would feel embarrassed out of this world when I saw my crappy “art” (for the lack of better word), published beside someone who can truly do their job. I say dishonesty is to blame here; I bet none of those amateurs would admit they suck, and that in turn is the reason they suck – they lack self-critique. Without it, you cannot progress; they will stay in mud forever.

    Oh, and I know why they don’t want to exercise self-critique: because it would show that they don’t have talent for drawing, writing or even cheap porn. Having no talent for anything must be so sad.

    • ふう子 says :

      I’m sorry but you shouldn’t come to my blog then. You obviously won’t be interested in what I write about if that’s how you view a majority of BL mangaka. Half of my favorite mangaka that I talk about often are the ones you believe ‘shouldn’t be in same magazine with [Inariya]’ because they just aren’t good enough. So I have absolutely nothing to offer on this blog that you will enjoy, probably.

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