Aniya Yuiji’s RE:cycled

Aniya Yuiji’s latest doujinshi, RE:cycled, has been posted to toranoana! /o/ Very exciting, if I do say so myself. Some douchebags are already selling it on y!jpa for way more than the asking price even though you can purchase it yourself easily from other online stores.

Anyway, the page is here! If you go there you can see the cover and two sample pages from the book.

I already posted the information on it here, so please check that out if you’re interested. I purchased mine through Celga, but if you live in Japan then you can purchase directly from the site!

In other not-Aniya-Yuiji-related news, all of the BL publisher sites are starting to switch over to their June information so I recommend keeping an eye on those. Also, Canna posted a large image of the latest cover illustration by Kojima Lalako (complete with cover details, etc.) to their twitter page. You can find that here if you’re interested. Seriously adorable!

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