I hate June.

Every month I compile a list of book releases I plan on getting. If I’m lucky it’ll be a small release month and I’ll be able to include some backlog items from my wishlist. But when I’m unlucky I get a beast of a month like this upcoming June. orz

(image unrelated, but very sexy)

June 3

June 9
Comic Magazine LYNX

June 10
Kojima Lalako
* Inoue Nawo
* Yamanaka Hiko

June 15
Cab volume 08
Kumota Haruko

June 22

June 24
Baby volume 14

June 25
Sakura Sakuya
OPERA volume 21
ITAN volume 01

June 30
Ogura Muku
Tamari Shuka

July 1

See? Painful. The ones with asterisks are at least the ones I’m not sure if I want because they’re novels and they’re not quite so exciting as the Kojima Lalako one because they aren’t the first published work by either of those mangaka. (But stilllll, kind of want.) I also have a couple of other June releases added to my amazon wishlist because they’re debut publications and so I want to see if the cover art looks promising before deciding I definitely don’t want them. /o\

brb apologizing to my wallet well in advance. NOT TO MENTION Aniya Yuiji’s Me wo Tojite 3byou has a drama CD release this June, but as much as I love Aniya Yuiji and want to throw my money in her face in any way possible to keep her working, I’m just not into drama CDs so I’ll wait for an upload of that. (Please come out soon, upload!) Thank god because the CD would have cost more than $30.

But then in July is Kazuaki’s expensive-ass artbook release. Jeeeeesus I should have picked a less expensive hobby.

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6 responses to “I hate June.”

  1. cosmoflip says :

    for some reason, all BL drama cds are pretty much guaranteed to be uploaded – probably because they’re easier to rip (compared to say, scanning an entire tank)? idk

    • ふう子 says :

      Thank goodness, because otherwise it would have been much harder to talk myself out of buying that drama CD. /o\ But yeah, ripping a CD is definitely much easier than scanning a 100+ page book an absolutely destroying the binding in the process lol.

  2. cosmoflip says :

    someone needs to invent a super machine that can scan a whole book automatically and won’t hurt the binding in the process. it’ll become a bestseller i’m sure :)

  3. Jey says :

    Oh my gosh, where’s that picture from?

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