Spotlight: Kojima Lalako

It seems it’s the week of Kojima Lalako so I figured she’s one I can cross off my “to flail about” list. I actually saw her for the first time when I bought an issue of LYNX and promptly fell in love with her adorable, fluffy art style. I want to apologize in advance for the low-quality images as she has not released a tankoubon or anything yet. So.

Koi wo Suru ni wa Too Sugite (author: Kuriki Shinobu)

As far as I know, Kojima Lalako is still relatively unknown. Her first release will be coming up next month in the form of novel illustrations, and I haven’t known of her long enough to be aware if she’s published in any certain magazine long enough to have an actual comic tankoubon release coming up any time soon. However, Canna volume three will have a cover illustrated by her which you can see (quite tiny) right here if you scroll to the bottom. I have only read three stories (two oneshots and one chapter) by her: one from LYNX, one from HertZ and then one from Canna.

Kojima Lalako has a quite sketchy art style. Her strokes are so light I actually had to open photoshops just to darken the sample images enough for them to show up on here, and it isn’t unusual for the lines to fade in an out and stop before reaching connecting lines, etc. Her character designs are very waif-ish, with big eyes, long bodies and very skinny necks and limbs. Mixed with the lightness of her sketches, it gives her artwork a somewhat dreamy feel that’s only accentuated by her detailed use of screentone.

Personality-wise her characters have a good range. Himitsu no Rika-chan from HertZ shows a tsundere uke and a sweet, hetare seme. Canna’s Kimi to Parade has a sweet and very open uke, a sarcastic and intelligent seme who is nonetheless very gentle, and then a man in the middle who’s happy-go-lucky to the point of being a bit of an ass. And then Koi no Awai no from LYNX showcases two personalities that are actually quite hard to put into generalizing terms. She has a good handle on types of personalities that go well together and is good at creating characters (ukes especially) that have a great ‘moe kyun’ factor. However, if you’re looking for stories that break that ‘uke’ and ‘seme’ mold, back away now. Her character dynamics are unusual and interesting, but her characters are far from super!manly or reversible.

It’s hard to say what stories she’s capable of writing since I have personally only read two and one chapter lol but the ones I have seen are fantastic. She uses what I have to call “cute!angst” where there’s something that’ll make your heart squeeze in pity or sadness a bit only to heal you with a super sugary and sweet ending. Somewhat similar to Kumota Haruko’s stories, I think. I especially liked Himitsu no Rika-chan, which dealt with a relationship that had a small issue due to lack of communication but everything was quickly fixed with some sweet kisses and blushing and some bubbly moe tears.

Now, sex-wise… uh… yeah. I wouldn’t go to Kojima Lalako if you want something hot and heavy. Only one of the stories I have from her has an actual sex scene (so far) and it’s so insanely vague that, combined with her dreamy art style, you can barely tell what’s going on aside from the fact that your brain knows it’s sex. But really it just looks like some fumbling and blushing and kissing. So we’ll just have to wait and see if she feels lack tackling a harder sex scene at some point in the future. Good luck, Kojima Lalako!

Conclusion: I loooooove her! Her art style is so sweet that it makes me want to swoon and stare at it forever, and since I’ve always been a sucker for the ukes and her ukes are just so fucking cute I just really can’t resist her. She is too much for me. Those cute ukes mix well with her gentle seme characters and create sweet, great stories that always leave me smiling when I’m done.


4 responses to “Spotlight: Kojima Lalako”

  1. Kery says :

    She’s a doujinshi artist, she used to draw Code Geass and now she’s focusing on Hetalia. I liked her doujinshi, it’s good to know that she’s now a manga artist!

  2. Kery says :

    Yup, her circle is called mime. At least her Hetalia one is, I’m not too sure about her Code Geass one.

    • ふう子 says :

      Ahh yeah, her site is called mime (mim) as well! At least, it was until she switched up to an fc2 blog iirc. I’ll have to check out her Hetalia doujinshi next time I have some extra money. :3

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