Nanahikari 17 & 18

It has been… three months since I’ve done a post like this. Since I put off talking about the seventeenth chapter. Half-Baked Scanlations has gotten up-to-date with the chapter releases, which is very cool. I big ‘thank you!’ to them for all their hard work so I am able to better read the chapters in English. /o/

Anyway, onto some Nanahikari! Where did we leave off last time? Hmm if I remember correctly, creepy!Watari had just sent Hikaru the dirty video and pictures of him raping Shimogura and then showed up to be an ass to all of the sons that aren’t Hikaru. Hikaru was shocked by the videos. And Ashinuma. Uh. I don’t remember what he was off doing. Shinobu had just left the apartment, and Yuuma was starting to get pissy about how no one seems to think he matters in all this.

We start with Yuuma still being pissy with Watari. He brings up Ashinuma Nozomi and the fact that someone has speculated that Hikaru looks more like him than Mizuho. Watari seems less than pleased and gets up to leave. Yuuma asks if Watari is going to steal Hikaru away again, to which Watari responds that he’ll do so only if Hikaru wants him to.

At this moment, Hikaru approaches Shimogura about the video. They argue about it and Hikaru asks what he can do—how can he make Shimogura feel that good—and demands to know who Shimogura was sleeping with. Shimogura tries to shove him out of the house, but Hikaru jumps him and kisses him. When Shimogura gets into the kiss and says Hikaru is special to him, Hikaru gets upset and says he’ll never delete the video and then runs off crying.

Then there’s a weird scene between Jun and Shion, who were both introduced previously. They seem to be good friends, but they argue over finding who their real father is.

Then Hikaru’s mother goes to visit Watari’s mother in the hospital only to hear her and Watari speaking through the door. They talk about how Hikaru visited her in the hospital, and how Mizuho sent her a picture of Hikaru when he was small saying he was Watari’s little brother. Hikaru’s mother and Shinobu’s step-father meet up to discuss how Hikaru seems to be meeting up with Mizuho’s other sons, and who will seemingly inherit Mizuho’s estate. Shinobu’s father gets angry and says it was never his intention to seem like he was trying to get a share of Mizuho’s money, and Hikaru’s mother stays stone-faced and asks if he plans to bring Shinobu into the hospital so he can meet Watari’s mom. Everyone is starting to seem related, daaaaamn.

Cut to Ashinuma’s mom bitching about his unruly long hair. Go you, Ashinuma’s mom! Then she leaves and Ashinuma looks out the window to see Hikaru standing there. Still crying. AND THEN IT ENDSSSS wow that was dramatic.

Cut to chapter eighteen! Hikaru is at Ashinuma’s house while Ashinuma frets over him and then brings him inside. Instead of taking this as a chance to molest him for once, Ashinuma decides to help Hikaru gather more information about Ashinuma Nozomi. They now have concrete proof that Nozomi was in love with Mizuho, but are still unsure if the two were lovers. After discussing this, Hikaru, exhausted, falls asleep thinking of how this relates to him and Shimogura.

When he wakes up his phone is missing, and it turns out Ashinuma took it and watched the video since Hikaru was talking about it in his sleep. Hikaru admits to being upset about his relationship with Shimogura and then Ashinuma says that maybe someone else sent Hikaru the video using it as a way to break up their relationship. To which I was like “YAAAAY ASHINUMA!!” But then he was all “you should use this is a chance to break it off with him” which just made me go back to disliking his frizzy ass again.

Then cut to Shimogura’s apartment where Yuuma and Uchi/’Jun-chan’ are having breakfast. Uchi doesn’t believe Mizuho is his father, and then they discuss Hikaru and how Watari has been going around being a dick. Then a new brother shows up and he looks suuuuper cute. So. Yeah. Anyway.

Then reporter woman is doing her job and being a nosy jackass, but what else is new.

Cut to Shimogura visiting Watari’s mother in the hospital, thus pissing Watari off. They get in a catfight about it in the hall during which Watari insults Shimogura for being a lewd man and Shimogura talks shit about Watari insisting on becoming Hikaru’s father figure. Shimogura says he’ll leave Watari alone if he’ll just sign the inheritance documents, to which Watari replies that he won’t be signing anything.


This is another one of those “ahhhhh I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK! /o\” moments. On one hand Hikaru is starting to seem more and more like he’s truly romantically (or at least emotionally) interested in Shimogura, which makes me very “YAY!” but on the other hand every single thing is keeping them apart. Shimogura can’t get over the guilt of whatever he did in the past and over the fact that Hikaru is only a teenager, Hikaru can’t get over his insane and ridiculous naivety when it comes to love and sexual interest, Watari is just fucking crazy, and Ashinuma is busy trying to make Hikaru stop wanting Shimogura so he’ll fall into Ashinuma’s lap instead.

Then we have the general plot. Yuuma still seems irritated about how Hikaru is the be-all-end-all of Mizuho’s legacy, but I’m not sure where he’s going with that since he wasn’t in these chapters all that much. Then we have Shion and Uchi, one of which seems naive and trusting and the other seems like an even more paranoid and gloomy version of Yuuma. They both seem pretty close, like they’ve known each other for quite a long time. And then we have this new cute brother who doesn’t want to go up to the apartment—instead, he wants one of them to come down to the lobby instead??

Which leaves us wondering what exactly the reporting crew was so excited about. Could it be something with Shinobu? Is this new guy maybe the news people’s informant? Did they get their hands on Shimogura’s sex tape as well?

And then all this crazy soap opera crap going down with the parents on top of all these crazy teenage woes and hormones flying every which way. /o\

Oh Takaguchi Satosumi. orz By the time this manga ends I’ll probably have some kind of insane stress-related illness just from all these incredibly dramatic twists and turns and new characters and bad people and fgl;sd;gljsdjl god damn.


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