Citron Blog 5/19

Citron blog update! /o/ Been a while since I’ve done a post like this, hasn’t it?

I don’t recall if I’ve ever personally talked about this since I haven’t done a review post on the second volume of Citron, But Kumota Haruko will be getting the cover of the third volume. Very exciting! I’m happy to see so much success from her in such a short period of time—first the cover of Cab, then her upcoming tankoubon announcement, and now the cover of Citron. But anyway, that’s what this Citron blog post is for.

Akabane first talks about how summer has truly come, etc. But he quickly moves on to talk about the next issue of Citron (I guess there really won’t be any new tankoubon releases for June??) which will be released July first. Yesss. He says that Kumota-sensei sent them two rough illustrations for the cover, and though this one didn’t get picked he felt it was so ‘moe moe’ that it would be a shame to not share it with everyone.

A small sample! /o/ Please go to the actual blog entry to see the entire image! Black bikini!! In closing, he says to look forward to the actual upcoming cover illustration. I know I’m looking forward to it!

Though, haha, I also kind of want to see the finished illustration for this rough draft as well!

(For those who are wondering, the colored illustration for the upcoming volume will be Kitabeppu Nica!)


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