Nobara: June 16th release info

While I was being a lazyass this morning and sleeping in as long as I felt like it, Kumota Haruko updated her Twitter feed with an official announcement about the release  of her tankoubon Nobara on June 16th!

Technically what is says is that Kumota-san’s second BL tankoubon ‘Nobara‘ will be released on 6/16. “Don’t forget!” She updated her site to fit the theme just like she did for when she got the upcoming cover of Cab. This time it’s an adorable colored illustration of Mone, Take and Kanda-san (whom I’ve been referring to as ‘Kamita’ all this time ooooops) walking in the rain and it states the tankoubon release date.

She then went on to also update her blog so she could talk about the release in a much more long-winded manner lol. There she talks (very excitedly) about the release date, the decision on how to announce the release (which was a bunch of stuff I didn’t understand so well), how they decided on the 16th because the 19th is her birthday (Gemini! rofl), etc. She says that the tankoubon will included everything that she has released in Cab up until now (three chapters of Nobara, two chapters of Mimi-kun, one chapter of Birdland) and also announces that there will be fourteen new previously-unreleased pages for Nobara and there will be some edits to Birdland? She adds that she wants this book to feel satisfactory, because Madobe no Kimi doesn’t feel that way—she wishes she could write follow-ups for all of those because they don’t feel complete to her. “I wonder if it would be possible to remake them? Probably not. There’s not any time for it.”

A huge congratulations to Kumota-sensei who seems ecstatic at this upcoming release. ♡ I hope the tankoubon for Nobara leaves her feeling satisfied and at ease. Many thanks to her for all her hard work up until this point!


4 responses to “Nobara: June 16th release info”

  1. AzureKitsune says :

    It’s good to see that she’s finally taking off! A lot of people really like “Nobara,” and to have a release date now is a good thing indeed. A huge congrats to Kumota-sensei!! \o/

    I wish her the best. :D

    • ふう子 says :

      I agree! She seems to be gaining more and more popularity and putting more work out there. I’m so happy for her that she’s seeing all this success!

  2. cosmoflip says :

    Tempted to buy Nobara even though I’ve read the main story and the first Mimi-kun one. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    • ふう子 says :

      Ooooh you should! /o/ The second story from Mimi-kun is so cute, and I also quite liked Lullaby of Birdland which was never scanned, and I’m sure the extra story for Nobara will be totally worth it! *excited!!*

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