Snippets 013

I’m sorry for the lack of interesting content at the moment. orz This month is, like, the worst for BL fandom as far as I’m concerned—only four magazine releases near the end of the month and three tankoubon releases I care about. (However, next month is going to be absolute hell on my bank account.) So there’s very little stuff news-wise for me to post about.

♔ → I added an F.A.Q. section to the site! This way, hopefully you won’t always need to wait for my slow response when you need a question answered. If you think there’s anything else I should put in the F.A.Q., please feel free to say so.

♔ → Ogura Muku’s upcoming tankoubon has been pushed back into June, apparently. What is it with her publications and constantly getting bumped back a month or two after the release date is revealed? This happened to her latest few novels as well.

♔ → For the first time as far as I know, Ootsuki Miu is in the June issue of CIEL Tres Tres. I am very happy for Ootsuki Miu because evidently her attempt at world domination of the BL magazines and anthologies is going swimmingly. However, I weep for my wallet.

♔ → Volume four of Suzuki Tsuta’s Konoyo Ibun will be released July 9th through BExBOY comics. I have actually never read this one. Is it good? Considering it’s licensed by June it’ll probably be another ten years before they release it so I can read it. /bitchy

♔ → Also through BExBOY, there either a second volume or a reprint of Buchou no Koi, by the same author as Kachou no Koi. Speaking of Kachou no Koi, did anyone else watch the first episode? I personally thought it was brilliant. Usually I can’t watch anime but I’ve watched that three times now lmao.

♔ → In non-BL-but-still-belongs-on-this-blog-because-I-love-the-mangaka news, Yamashita Tomoko will be releasing the tankoubon for Don’t Cry, Girl also on July 9th through Zero Comics. If I recall correctly, Zero is also a part of Libre. I’m super excited, because this means I finally get to read it! /o/ I’ve been dying to read Yamashita Tomoko’s shoujo manga.

♔ → Currently on the Chill Chill top five it’s a Shimizu Yuki take-over lol. This is understandable. I’m considering rereading Ze so I can convince myself that it totally wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy the fanbook. I mean, come on, guest appearance from Ogura Muku? Kobato Mebaru? Kusama Sakae??? The only thing that could make that even better is Aniya Yuiji, Ootsuki Miu and Kumota Haruko.

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13 responses to “Snippets 013”

  1. cosmoflip says :

    Konoyo Ibun is good! Well, the first coupling i thought was all right, but the second coupling’s story (which begins in volume 3) is by far really really adorable ♥

    • ふう子 says :

      Oooh is it? ;A; I want to read it haha. Perhaps I’ll have to search around and see if I can find the raws somewhere. I hate when things get licensed and then scans become almost impossible to find even though the book hasn’t been released yet. orz

  2. keito says :

    I really enjoyed watching Kachou no Koi! Probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. I read a of comments on how ‘bad’ the animation was, but I personally though it added to the whole brilliance of it.

    I plan to re-watch real soon. <3

    • ふう子 says :

      I really agree with you—the art and animation wasn’t gorgeous, but it’s pretty much what made the show so great. The jumpy movements and dead-pan faces were just as big a part of the humor of the show as the dialogue. If the animation had been better the show would have lost a lot of its appeal.

      Haha you make me want to rewatch it as well. orz

  3. Sora says :

    eh..kinda disappointing to read that Ogura Muku’s book is going to be delayed ; _;
    +) Suzuki Tsuta’s Konoyo Ibun- is GREAT i really recommend it! i am a picky person but i loved Konoyo Ibun. first two volumes are just fantastic-it’s like fantasy-ish but it’s soo good. but the third volume…side and new characters are the main focus and gets bit..random-ish.. haha but now that volume 4 is coming out i can’t wait to see what will happen next XD but yeah i truly recommend konoyo ibun volume 1 and 2 :)’s bit amuzing for me that everyone loves be honest i didn’t it loli liked it but… wasn’t THAT brilliant in my opinion. i thought her previous work ‘love mode’ was brilliant though. anyways thanks for the info :))

    • ふう子 says :

      Haha yeah. This just means I’ll have one more thing I have to buy in June. orz

      Thanks for recommending it! I’ll definitely have to check Konoyo Ibun out, then.

      Hmmm I like Ze well enough. Though I have to agree that I don’t understand the extreme hype when it comes to Shimizu Yuki’s works—I think she is very lovely and talented, but for some reason I don’t see in her the same amazing things that many other people seem to. Which is why I’m having a lot of trouble convincing myself that it’s worth it to buy the Ze Fanbook just for the guest mangaka haha.

  4. Connie says :

    Hiya Fuu-ko! I bit the bullet and ordered off BK1 today. I think most current/recent books it’ll be better for me to order from my local Japanese bookstores but I was looking for something that’s out of print, and amazingly enough, BK1 carried it (this is a josei manga, not BL)! But I need to wait about 7-21 days for them to procure it. ^^;;

    And I don’t think I’ve read anything by Yamashita Tomoko. I’ll definitely check out her work.

    And yes, I saw the Shimizu domination on Chill Chill, as well! I read several books of Ze and it’s good, but…I dunno, it’s not amazing by any means. Some of the plot devices are beyond dumb, but hey, it’s a fantasy manga. :P Having said that, I love the pairing of Shoui and Asari quite a bit. :)

    BTW, I think I read somewhere on your blog that you don’t like Yoshinaga Fumi! Is it just the artwork that you don’t like? I have to say, way back when that realllly was a huge minus for me but now I’ve come to appreciate her work.


    • ふう子 says :

      Hi! <3 Oooh did you? What all did you buy, if you don't mind me asking? And it's always such a great find when you see manga that are out of print while they're still available at just one certain store. I'm happy for you that you were able to find it, though the wait period can be a pain haha.

      Yamashita Tomoko is really brilliant, imo. She hasn't been writing BL so much lately as she just recently started dedicating more time to shoujo and josei, but you should definitely check her out if you get the chance!

      Haha as I said in a comment above, I agree with you for the most part. Shimizu Yuki's works are very good, but I don't consider them the best thing since sliced bread. I enjoy reading them, of course, but her appeal just doesn't click with me. But to each their own, and I suppose WHY so many people love her as much as they do. She's definitely not afraid to bring the angst and dark moments haha.

      Ahh yeah, I don't like Yoshinaga Fumi because of her art. I hear she's amazing so I hope I can get over my dislike of her drawing style soon. I'm glad you were able to come to like it!

  5. mango says :

    Ogura Muku’s upcoming tankoubon: are you talking about “みずいろとぴんく、それからだいだい ショコラコミックス” to be released on June 28 :)

    Ootsuki Miu: I KNOW!! She has sooo many books out that I don’t even know which one to buy first on my budget! I actually love her more recent work and not so much her past work since the art looks more refined now ^^ I think 愛だの恋だの ドラコミックス is my favorite of them all ^^

    Suzuki Tsuta’s Konoyo Ibun: Well just already released up to volume 2 but I’m anti-june when it comes to censorship so I don’t buy their books often! This is actually not my favorite title of this artist. I’m more interested in Work-In<3

    • ふう子 says :

      Yep, that’s the one I mean! /o/ Thank you very much for telling me the proper release date!

      She does, she does! I also love her old stories, but I definitely agree that her art has been becoming much more refined recently and thus absolutely gorgeous. I loved the recent story she had running in drap, as well as her oneshots in random other magazines. Very cute. I also like the way she tells stories. Ai Dano Koi Dano is really fantastic, I agree!

      Ahh did they? Haha I’m biased against June as well, because they supposedly licensed a Shinba Rize manga I really want to read over a year ago and there hasn’t been any news on it since even though they’re constantly releasing other crap I have no interest in. orz

      • mango says :

        Well I started collecting June books because of TATENO Makoto :) They licensed all of her titles and so far I have purchased Hero Hell, Yellow, Steal Moon, and Blue Sheep Reverie. HOWEVER, recently I found out that all those titles has been altered and censored with edited penis/sexual content. This really pissed me off since I don’t want to buy a book that has been edited and different from the original version! I was so mad and decided never to buy any books from them again!!!!

        I most likely will continue to finish collecting the remaining volumes of Blue Sheep Reverie since I don’t like buying one volume and not the rest to be consistent, but as for any titles they publish from here on I wouldn’t bother buying them if I know it’s an explicit title because you know there will be edited scenes! I’ll also buy books I know are shounen-ai such as seven days ^^ It doesn’t have any sexual scenes and I know I will stay true tot he original so no worries!!

        If you are interested here is a little entry I did comparing June’s censored book with the original Japanese version of the title Invisible Love by HONJOU Rie. Be ware the images will make you angry! lol

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