Daria 06/2010

It’s time to review Daria. /o/ I’m doing this one first because I have two things I want to scan from it, and I definitely want this completed before I started cutting a bunch of pages out of the magazine. I bought this one almost specifically for the Ogura Muku and Ootsuki Miu stories, and definitely wasn’t let down. Those two will forever be my darlings, I don’t think they can do anything wrong in my eyes.

I must warn everyone before-hand that there are seriously R-18 images behind the cut in this post. R-18 and in full color. There is a god and his (her?? idek) name is Takatsuki Noboru.

Seriously, you open the cover and there is an ASS in your face. It’s the first thing you see—someone poking at someone else’s naked bum while they’re still sleeping. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a better ‘greeting’ by a BL manga magazine aside from maybe BOY’S Pierce. “You like BL manga for the porn? OH OKAY here you go!”

Really? I’m not exactly sure what the story is about. I didn’t even really try to read it that hard. But it was hot and so I give it a 10/10 rating lmao.

Next is Aoi Levin’s story which is pretty much the same. /o/ I didn’t really know what was going on but there was talk of androids and sex robots and, like, three sex scenes.

I thought the guy with fluffy black hair was hot. But I guess he’s a bad guy? idk idk.

But Hyuuga Seiryou’s story, I understood very well! A cute story about a high-schooler who doesn’t look his age who starts working at a bar to get closer to the sexy bartender. Only to realize that the bartender is a total ditz when he gets close to him. Which obviously just makes him even cuter. This one didn’t have a sex scene but that’s okay—the Aoi Levin oneshot had enough to make up for it.

My most beloved Ootsuki Miu got a colored insert for her oneshot “Line”. This story is pretty much complete fluff—a sexy story about two men who’ve been dating since they graduated.

There’s are two H scenes in this manga and for some reason they left an impression lmao. /o\ First was one where they were doing it while blasting the radio, which for some reason I always think is really hot?? I have no idea why. It’s probably one of my weirdest kinks. (Except, you know, liking stories about romantic relationships between brothers maybe…) Second was one where the seme (Nobunaga) was feeling the uke (Shima) up while masturbating. I was reading it thinking “can I even call this a sex scene? I’m not sure…” But it was quite interesting lmao.

Then there was a new chapter of Sono Te no Netsu wo Kasanete by Fujiyama Hyouta which I didn’t read only because I’m missing the fifth chapter and thus can’t read ahead to the chapters in the magazines I have. I was hoping there would be a sex scene so I’d have something to entertain myself with, but alas. From the general mood of the chapter I couldn’t tell if something good or something bad was happening—kind of like a mix. Perhaps I should just spoil myself and read the damn thing.

TONO’s essay for this issue was… just… idk but I’ll just say there was an old lady in a bath house with saggy boobs.

About 300 pages in is Shimaji’s first ever story for Daria! /o/

I’m a sucker for stories that use the “oh shit I got drunk last night and now I’m waking up naked in my friend’s bed” BL trope. It is quite possibly one of my favorites. So I’m pleased to see Shimaji utilize it in this story. Go, Shimaji, go go! I am also very pleased to see this is a multi-chapter story instead of just a oneshot. At least, it says “to be continued…” on the last page.

Then there’s a new chapter by Ima Ichiko but… uh… it’s chapter 16 and I haven’t read any of it before so I won’t even go there.

But after that is Nanami! \o/

A story about two attractive, young, professional men and their lovers quarrel. Her characters are really stunning. I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but Nanami actually has a new tankoubon release coming up iirc.

Afterward is a oneshot by Araya Miki, who is a mangaka I’m not necessarily too fond of and probably would have skipped out on talking about if not for the very interesting uke/seme dynamic in this story.

From what I grasp, the seme is the shy type, so the uke takes the lead in pretty much everything—including the H scene. I was surprised. It’s rare enough that you actually see an uke happily perform a blowjob on his lover with absolutely no coercion before-hand, but it’s even more rare for him to be fingering his lover while doing so. That kind of thing is usually only reserved for ‘reversi’ stories (or whatever the hell people refer to them as) so I was shocked and a bit pleased to see it here in an otherwise quite ‘generic’ (I don’t mean that in a bad way!) BL oneshot.

The next color insert is actually by my other quite adored mangaka, Ogura Muku. She’s also debuting in Daria with her series called Chou Chou du Prince Lop-Ear.

It’s a bit of a weird story on first glance and I wish I could read more if it but my limited Japanese always holds me back. However, it seems to be a somewhat fantastical story about a prince and his servants. Seems like it has a lot of potential to be adorable, in normal Ogura Muku fashion. However, the next chapter won’t be in the next volume—perhaps she’s currently too busy preparing for the upcoming Castle Mango chapter for Cab.

The last one I’ll talk about is the oneshot by Tojitsuki Hajime, Sugar Free.

More and more it seems that Tojitsuki Hajime is shying away from the ‘cute’ character designs she started out with and is leaning more toward regular-looking, ‘manly’ men—leg hair, big noses and thick arms included. The body types, the hairstyles, the clothing; the way she drew the characters made them seem freakishly realistic. Their personalities, though… lmao. The story itself was quit interesting, another one of those ‘wake up after a night of partying to find he slept with another man’ types of stories. But well-done nonetheless. /o/

As for the next issue of Daria, I am disappoint. /o\ There isn’t any Ogura Muku or Ootsuki Miu! However, the duo from the Hyuuga Seiryou story is coming back for another appearance (sex scene??), there will be Minase Masara, there’s a story that looks like it has very lovely art by a mangaka I’ve never heard of, and then of course all the regulars will be coming back. We’ll just have to wait and see if all that is enough to make me buy it, though.

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5 responses to “Daria 06/2010”

  1. Abscondite says :

    I’m always seeing Tojitsuki Hajime oneshots in Reijin magazine. I love that mangaka! Her stories seem so unexpected to me… I read one about a sculpture student who was infatuated with a blue collar worker who had a full body tattoo… XD It was SO hot. In fact, I can’t even imagine Tojitsuki Hajime having cute stories! I guess I’ll have to go dig them up. XD

    • ふう子 says :

      Her first tankoubon, Shiro Neko (which I honestly LOVE because it’s adorable), has very cute, effeminate characters. It’s shocking to go back and read that one after reading her latest works. But while I miss the potential her stories with cute characters had, I can’t say that I don’t also love her stories with manlier characters as well. :3

  2. cosmoflip says :

    I think the Takatsuki Noboru one just guaranteed that I’ll have a good day today :D

  3. Naeko says :

    Which is the name of the first story? *_* Where can I find it?

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