Kumota Haruko “Mimi-kun no Heart no Earring”

As I’m sure everyone knows, what I was most excited about for Cab volume 07 was not only the Kumota Haruko cover but also the sequel to the adorable and sweet story that introduced me to Kumota-sensei Mimi-kun no Boy no Kisetsu.

For those who haven’t read it (what are you waiting for??), Boy no Kisetsu is about Mimi-kun who is a drag queen at a gay bar. Mimi-kun dreams of one day becoming a woman, and when he becomes a woman he wants to have a grand romance with his prince Kaoru-chan, who is the gay bartender for the drag club Mimi works at. However, when Mimi makes a move on Kaoru, Kaoru rejects him even though his feelings are reciprocated, stating that he’s gay and he can’t be with Mimi if Mimi plans on being a girl in the future. This devastates poor Mimi, and causes a huge dilemma in his life plan—what is more important to him, being female or his love for Kaoru-chan?

As anyone who has read the story knows, in the end Mimi picked Kaoru-chan, chopped off his beautiful hair, and decided he’d try to live the rest of his life as a male. And that’s what this chapter deals with.

Mimi-kun no Heart no Earring starts about a year after the initial chapter. Mimi-kun and Kaoru are still together and in a very loving relationship. (On the beginning page, we learn Mimi’s nickname comes from his real male name: Mita Mitsuo!) They’re still working together at the same club, Kaoru-chan is still Neko, and Mimi-kun is still fruity and adorable. (I wonder if Kaoru’s nipples are still very pink?)

However, something is wrong. Mimi is incredibly happy and still incredibly in love with Kaoru, but there’s something missing. While dressing up for work, Jun Mama approaches Mimi and tells him not to push himself for his relationship with Kaoru. Perhaps a bit confused, Mimi answers that he’s not pushing himself and that his relationship with Kaoru is working out perfectly and is quite lovey-dovey thank you very much.

But Jun Mama isn’t convinced at all—he knows that Mimi is desperately hiding the female he’s always felt he was. When he’s with Kaoru he uses ‘ore’ (the masculine way to say ‘I’ or ‘me’) but every time it’s written in hiragana instead of kanji, showing how awkward he finds the word. In his own thoughts he still refers to himself in a feminine sense. Even if he wants to prove to Kaoru that he’s a man, he still thinks of himself as a woman.

Then they cut to Kaoru and Mimi on a date. Mimi still seems upset about what Jun Mama said, but he’s still happy to be with his most beloved Kaoru-chan. Kaoru sits Mimi down after they walk along the street holding hands (sooo cute!) and mentions that he knows Mimi’s birthday is coming up—a fact which even Mimi forgot, though this also reminds him that his relationship with Kaoru has nearly reached an entire year! Kaoru gives him a gift even though it’s early and Mimi is beyond touched. However, when he opens the gift and slides it out of the bag and into his hand what sits in his palm is a set of heart earrings.

Unsure, Mimi can only say “cuuute”, to which Kaoru replies that he knew Mimi wanted them because he noticed him staring adoringly at them while they were out the other day. Mimi gets teary-eyed and flustered and points out that they’re women’s earrings, and Kaoru smiles and says that it’s okay if they’re for girls if they’re something that Mimi likes. He tells Mimi to wear them (though Mimi complains that they won’t match his outfit haha) and puts them in Mimi’s ears himself, causing Mimi to become quite emotional and start sobbing. A very cute scene in which Kaoru-chan accepts Mimi as he is—even if Mimi has a feminine personality, he’s still the Mimi-kun that Kaoru knows and adores and female clothing will never change that.

Then Mimi requests for Kaoru to hold him, which has never happened before since Kaoru has always been Neko. Being the sweet boyfriend that he is, Kaoru tries hard to take Mimi. This is adorable but also hilarious because Kaoru seems a bit overwhelmed by the sensation of being in Mimi and he also seems to have over-exerted himself with all the movement required of being the person who’s actually thrusting, etc. But they were able to pull it off successfully and Kaoru made a personal sacrifice for Mimi just like Mimi made a sacrifice for him a year before. Then it ends with them lovingly cuddling in post-coital bliss.

I love love love this chapter and am so happy Kumota-sensei wrote it. It’s relatively short (only 16 pages) but wraps up Mimi and Kaoru’s story perfectly. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Mimi’s turmoil over trying to reject his female side for Kaoru, Mama’s stepping in and helping as he notices Mimi’s quiet suffering, and then Kaoru’s loving acceptance of Mimi for who he really is. It’s absolutely brilliant and so adorable and silly and sexy and god only Kumota Haruko could make me love two characters so deeply after only 40 pages containing two stories.

Sadly, at this point I don’t think there will be any more stories with Mimi-kun. /o\ But I know I personally will be rereading these two oneshots over and over and I doubt I’ll ever gets sick of them.


4 responses to “Kumota Haruko “Mimi-kun no Heart no Earring””

  1. Alinanra Romanisbetter says :

    I always stay curious about why people think FUJYOSHI is only for those who likes YAOI…

    YURI are also appreciated by them in Japan…

    • ふう子 says :

      True enough, I also read GL/yuri manga. But the reason fujoshi are most commonly known for liking BL is because a majority of BL manga (if not all of it, since homosexual male-related manga that isn’t meant for females isn’t technically referred to as BL) is made specifically FOR fujoshi, whereas many GL/yuri manga are made for men and put into hentai magazines. (Though there are some female-oriented GL/yuri magazines as well, I’m sure.) It’s not just foreigners who link ‘fujoshi’ with ‘BL’, even Japanese fujoshi-centric sites focus mainly on BL and otome-related items and ideas. No one denies that fujoshi can also like GL manga, but since most fujoshi are mainly interested in BL that’s what 99% of fujoshi blogs and websites focus on.

  2. AzureKitsune says :


    AWWWWW!!!! I swear your review made me wanna weep and laugh and omg…! XD

    Ahem! Wonderful review, as always. :D Even though Kumota-sensei isn’t going to do another chapter, I’ll always love the theme it centers on. o(^.^)o

    • ふう子 says :

      glad you liked it. /o/ Thank you for reading!

      Haha yeah, I also find it a bit heartbreaking that she doesn’t seem to plan on doing a continuation. I would love an entire tankoubon of stories about Mimi-kun, but the way it’s looking now I’m starting to think Mimi-kun, Nobara and Lullaby of Birdland will all be squeezed into one book.

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