Spotlight: Aoi Seri

I must start this out by saying I know almost nothing about Aoi Seri. I found out about her properly only after stumbling upon her Twitter account—before that, no matter how much I searched all I found was a BL novel and a bunch of out-of-print magazines. (And this, lmao, which is supposedly a blog layout illustrated by her and is very cute.) But luckily—or unluckily for me, since it created a new obsession—her twitter page links to her art blog and I was able to see and appreciate what an amazing artist she is.

Novel Illustrations:
Nekomimi Salaryman (book by Koushou Nigun)

Why am I spamming with pictures? It’s simple: as I said previously, I know almost nothing about Aoi Seri. I have only one chapter of her manga from volume 19 of OPERA, Shimokita Under Bar, but other than that I haven’t read a single thing by her. I have never seen a sex scene she’s written, or even a kissing scene. The chapter I have is so short (sixteen pages) and I’m missing so much development from the plot that there’s nothing I can really say about her writing style. If you want that kind of information, at this point I really can’t help you.

But what I can say is that her art is absolutely beyond spectacular. In my opinion the scans I posted above don’t even do it justice (though I obviously think they’re lovely as well—otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered scanning them for this post). I can only recommend you go to her art blog here and look through all the posts. When you get near the end she has huge art sample posts that are beyond stunning. That’s the only way I can point out how much potential I think she has; I can only beg of you all to take some time to look there.

I’m personally trying to wait as patiently as I can for her to post up some new announcements of magazines she’s in. Her name is tagged to the new OPERA (which I am waiting for very impatiently) for but she doesn’t have a new chapter. Probably only an illustration. Sadly.

But until then I’ll probably buy the novel she illustrated (though I can’t read it) and continue to diligently check her blog and hope she releases something new—even if it’s just another chapter of the manga I started in the middle. Even if I can just sit and stare at her art, it’s all good.


2 responses to “Spotlight: Aoi Seri”

  1. funamoe says :

    waah! can u tell me the link for her twitter account? her drawing looks pretty *a sucker for pretty art* plz XD

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