Canna vol. 02 cover preview

The cover has already been revealed in an amaaaazingly gorgeous Twitpic from Canna’s official twitter page:

That’s only a teaser, so make sure to give the original Twitpic page a buuuuunch of hits by clicking here to show Canna’s publishing staff your support and adoration!

I’m a bit heartbroken to see Kojima Lalako’s name off the list, but Sunae Hata and Coga Mayumi are sticking around to submit more work for the new anthology. I’m also glad to see the addition of Kashio named as a contributor, whom I fell in love with after seeing her work in (shock of shocks!) Cab.

Oh, I didn’t mention the absolutely stunning Ootsuki Miu cover art yet? Really??


I haven’t received my own copy yet (it won’t be here for another week—damn you, drap preorder!) but if you’re impatient for a review and can read Japanese, Kijitora already did a write-up on her copy of the first volume.

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