Indecision, Part 3

As it nears that time of the month again (I’m talking about the end of the month when it’s time to decide what to put in a book order, obviously) these questions arise again and again.

“Should I buy this one?”
“Is that really worth the price if I only want two of the stories?”
“Maybe I should trade that book in and get this one instead…?”

So it’s time for yet another ‘indecision’ post!

Chara 06/10
Nanahikari! /o/ Chiba Ryouko yomikiri! More Ninomiya Etsumi to help me better understand the story she has running in this magazine.
bad The next chapter of Nanahikari looks like it’ll have Hikaru/Ashinuma development as well as probably another H scene between the two, which is so much ‘do not want’ I can’t even explain properly. Plus, is 580円 worth some Ninomiya and Chiba and a chapter of Nanahikari that’ll probably just make me irritated??

Doll Seikatsu no Susume by Manatsu Koko
good art looks cuuuuuute, get to try out a mangaka I’d never heard of before
bad might not like the inside art, it’s a debut work by a new mangaka and those can sometimes not be trusted, haven’t seen the best reviews for it.

Momoiro Toiki by Kawakami Kichi
good hello gorgeous art where have you been all my life?? Also, someone mentioned in a review something about student/teacher relationships and a brother complex and if there are any two things I love, it’s those. Mmm yes.
bad very few reviews. I’ve never read anything by Kawakami Kichi so I don’t know if the interior artwork does justice to the cover. Seems to be a collection of oneshots, so it might not be as satisfying as a full story.

Kimi Note by Junko
good the cover is absolutely stunning and makes the story seem like it’ll be super sweet, I trust Junko’s art style and she usually writes cute, enjoyable stories, currently ranked #30 on Chill Chill so it must be at least somewhat interesting story-wise.
bad popularity doesn’t instantly mean I’ll personally enjoy it; I don’t know if I’ll like it enough to want to add it to my order. Will it be a waste of money I could have spent on something else?

Nanahikari vol. 04 by Takaguchi Satosumi
good I’m 100% the type of person who wants to support the things I like, and since it’s coming out around the time I’m making a book order anyway why not just toss it in my cart?
bad I can never trust Takaguchi Satosumi—she seems to like leading you down a nice path and making you feel safe only to shove you in the river suddenly. I kind of want to know where Nanahikari is heading before I make any purchases, since what’s the point of owning something if you never want to read it again?

Somewhat related and totally heart-breaking: I had sincerely planned on purchasing Matsumoto Miecohouse’s Terebi-kun no Kimochi this time around, only to find out it’s now out of print on Amazon!Japan. orz So heartbreaking. So add that to the list of books I’ll have to search high and low for second-hand. Damn it.

I’m also considering the La Corda d’Oro 3 guide books because I seriously suck at La Corda 3. I keep getting to the second competition and the same thing goes wrong no matter how many times I’ve played.

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9 responses to “Indecision, Part 3”

  1. Abscondite says :

    The Kawakami Kichi tank looks SO gorgeous… but I can’t blame you for your indecision. You’ve got lots of good choices in your cart. /o/ Good luck narrowing it down. :)

    Aren’t magazines terribly addictive? There are very few mangaka I’m absolutely ravenous over, so I suppose I should be thankful… BUT lol, I get SO annoyed at myself when I start buying up back issues of magazines with est em in them, only to find out this or that one shot was actually republished in some tankoubon I already own… Maybe if I could remember to cross-check? XD And then you know I’m going to find a story or two in that mag I want to finish reading… It happened with some est em oneshots from ウラゲキ/裏激男… They’re newly published in her ULTRAS tankoubon, BUT those volumes also turned me on to a Tetuzoh Okadaya serialization called “Send in the Clowns” that now I MUST READ, although I know the story was likely not finished (ウラゲキ/裏激男 stopped its run after 5 issues)…

    Anyway, what was the point of my ramble? Hmm… if the mangaka is popular you know there’s a high likelihood of their work being released as a tankoubon. Sometimes it’s just more cost effective to wait it out if you don’t HAVE TO have it. It’s unfortunate we’re not in Japan. You could go into a convenience store and take a peek first 8P

    • ふう子 says :

      Doesn’t it??? Sadly after some consideration I decided not to get it and to get Kimi Note instead. /o\ But I definitely left it sitting in my Amazon wish list haha. Someday it’ll be mine!

      They really are. orz Luckily I’ve never fallen into the trap of buying back-orders for stories I like (though I was temped for an Ootsuki Miu one once) but once I get hooked on a story I want to at least keep buying the magazine until that story runs its course, which of course means I’ll keep buying and reading the magazine and thus fall for more and more and more NEW stories, etc. etc. It’s a cruel and intelligent game these book publishers play. But I totally feel you on the “bought the magazine only to find it’ll be released as a tankoubon soon” thing. /o\ I recently got a Chocora (novel) magazine since I didn’t think they’d release the oneshots Ogura Muku did for them, and only days later I read that they’re giving her a book release in May. orz orz

      Yeah, this hobby would cost probably half as much if I lived in Japan. Then again, if I didn’t have to pay for shipping I’d probably make up for the savings by just buying way more books haha.

  2. MANGO says :

    I’m bias agains magazine since I feel like you should just get the book when it comes out >_< Well I think both Kimi Note and Momoiro Toiki look gorgeous so I choose those two ^^ I always get suckered into buying books with beautiful cover art but I'm not sure if the inside would be the same ^^

    enjoy your shopping spree I just started my list for SCC held in may :)

    • MANGO says :


      against* (typo above)

      and when I say “get the book” I mean when the chapters get complied into a tank :)

    • ふう子 says :

      I would feel like that too (since it would be much cheaper haha) but magazines are really good for learning about new and up-and-coming mangaka so I like getting them to find new artists I’ll enjoy. /o/ Also, because I’m crazy-impatient when it comes to wanting to read things by my favorite mangaka. orz

      I’m always suckered into buying manga with pretty covers as well lol. Luckily for the most part the inside art is as good as the cover, but sometimes you’ll get tricked by really gorgeous colored art that doesn’t translate well into comic form. And then I also wonder what ones I’m missing out on just by ignoring all the mangaka who aren’t good at colored images but nonetheless write very expressive b&w manga. (Like, I like Kataru Cisco’s b&w art but I don’t like the way she handles colored images so I accidentally tend to ignore her manga.) It sucks to not be able to take a look inside the books most of the time when you’re shopping online. D;

      • mango says :

        true true! I tend to not care much about plot and go for the art only when I buy my mangas >__<

        A lot of people have different taste so I can't blame you for wanting to explore everything possible, but my little college student budget isn't good for that ^^ v and this is why I really like scanlations because it lets me get a glimpse of what the "inside" looks like before I buy the book. The downside is there are so many unexplored artist in the scanlation community because those artist are either new or not as popular hence we tend to miss out on them –;;

        One of these days a smart book company will take over amazon by simply providing some samples to customers!!

        • ふう子 says :

          XD Haha I don’t think that’s a bad way to go, tbh. I’m generally very forgiving toward manga that have good art and boring stories. Now if they have BAD art and a boring story… that’s a whole different story lol.

          Yeah, magazines are definitely not something you want to purchase if you’re on a tight budget. Especially not anthologies, as those are printed in higher quality and tend to cost even MORE than your average monthly or bi-monthly.

          I really like scanlations and raw scans for that reason as well—they make it much easier to decide what to buy and what to leave alone. I always hate when I buy something for the cover only to find I don’t like the inside art at all. As for companies that are good about allowing you to see the inside art, LYNX and Citron are very helpful about that. LYNX posts six-page (or thereabouts) previews for all of their tankoubon releases on their main site as does Citron, and Citron also usually posts up a ‘look inside’ option on Amazon as well. /o/

  3. Lennie says :

    I VOTE…
    ; A ; Read the bad and good stuff you wrote… those seem the most… worthwhile? LOLOL


    • ふう子 says :

      I ended up buying Kimi Note but traded in Momoiro Toiki for a different one. /o/

      But it’s in my Amazon wishlist so it’ll hopefully be mind eventually rofl.

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