Book covers are EXCITING. /o/

I apologize in advance if this post is all over the place. /o\

First off, Sunae Hata’s Kotetsu no Baby Leaf cover has been revealed and it’s maybe a little tacky and definitely suuuuuper cute!

That’s the largest I’ve seen it so far haha. Don’t lie—it’s obviously the cutest thing you’ve seen all day. My challenge still stands if anyone thinks they have found something cuter than the uke from this manga. Please see the Topics section of Gentosha’s site for more of their upcoming release covers.

Then there is another exciting cover that’s been revealed: the 20th anniversary cover for OPERA. (’20th anniversary’ meaning it’s their 20th issue, not that they’ve been going on for 20 years lol.)

They’re having all their big-hitting names in this issue, but supposedly they aren’t all getting a comic (this includes Aniya Yuiji and Aoi Seri and Kusama Sakae /SOB) so we’ll just have to wait and see exactly what this issue has in store after its release. But I’m definitely excited for the new chapter of Nakamura Asumiko’s manga. It’s heating up~*~

Please see the ‘New Release’ section of EDGE’s official site for more details.

In other news, Cab vol. 07 already has a pre-order page up on Amazon!JP, which is a BIG step forward from the hot mess they had for their release two months ago. My assumption is that the cover will be revealed tomorrow, so make sure you check Tokyo Mangasha’s site frequently. /o/ I’m sure everyone is excited as I am to see Kumota Haruko’s cover illustration! Please let it be Mimi-kun!

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7 responses to “Book covers are EXCITING. /o/”

  1. Barbara says :

    The dude in sunglasses on the back cover sure looks like Juuza from Renaissance Yoshida’s Songs of Self Abuse!

  2. Abscondite says :

    The Sunae Hata cover is really cute… but I’d love to rip off those flowers. Seriously lol. Looks like I have two more things to add to my cart for this month. /o/ OPERA’s cover is kind of wonky this time around. They should’ve just given the cover to Nakamura Asumiko. I mean, look how proud she does her covers. 8P

    Oh, did you end up investigating more into obscure shounen-ai?

    • ふう子 says :

      Haha I LOVE the flowers! They make it so ridiculously tacky, and I’m a sucker for all things ridiculous and tacky. It was like they thought “how could we possibly make this cover any more adorable and not have so much open space???” and came to the conclusion that huge tacky flowers with a hippie-esque color scheme was the way to go. it looks ridiculous but at the same time makes me want to buy it EVEN MORE. /o/

      A Nakamura Asumiko cover would have been good but at the same time the biased fangirl in me was all “…why isn’t Aniya-sensei on the cover? 8(” I mean, she’s released through EDGE before, it’s totally possible— *kicked*

      I didn’t. 8D;; I got too distracted by BL manga that has sex scenes and forgot all about it.

  3. Lennie says :

    oAo I love Lynx.

    Except for yes, the flowers look… =_=

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