Munya Munya Sue doujinshi

Today I got them in the mail, and they are ~my precious~. So lovely oh mannn. The STAFF ROOM one, especially, made me happy because it’s hot and also because in the back there’s an illustration of Kobato Mebaru’s characters by Ogura Muku and Natsume Isaku. Very cute!

However, I’m selling Kobato Mebaru’s ‘Touch me, and melt me. since I personally already have a copy and now had to purchse it again since it came with the set. /o\ I’m charging $12 since that’s what I had to pay (sorry!) and if you’re interested either leave a comment here or email me at mochamojo [@] gmail.

Also I got the May ’09 issue of Chocola for the Ogura Muku comic, but then (because I have the worst timing in the world) it was announced that Ogura-sensei was getting a tankoubon release through Chocola so… 8| The story I just got will probably be in the book she’ll release in May. Oh well. The Kusama Sakae cover and comic are enough to make me still feel like it was worth it. /o/

I’ll probably scan the Munya Munya Sue doujinshi Ori Ori Toji Toji so please look forward to that at some point in the future!

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23 responses to “Munya Munya Sue doujinshi”

  1. kery says :

    Oooh I am totally jealous. I keep an eye out for Munya~ doujinshi once in a while but my hit rate is really low. I think I only have one. Lol.

    • ふう子 says :

      For a long time I only had Aishiteru Love You and Touch me, and melt me which is why I caved this time around and just bought an entire (somewhat overpriced) set. Some of their doujinshi aren’t too hard to find but they’re always priced at way more than they’re worth. orz

      I also want Kobato Mebaru’s KAT-TUN doujinshi but those seem to all sell for (or are at least priced at) around 2000円 or more for each book. Which is just a bit more than I’m willing to spend. 8D;; If I can but four new manga for the price of one doujinshi, I’ll choose the manga every time haha.

  2. kery says :

    LOL. Well I’ve paid 10,500yen for a doujinshi anthology before so I really shouldn’t say anything xD

    Does “Touch me, and melt me” only contain Kobato Mebaru’s work? I think she’s just so-so but I love Ogura Muku to death.

    • ふう子 says :

      Oh wow. D8 Haha I would probably be crying the entire time I handed over the money if I paid that much. I’m so frugal usually I’m shocked that I’m willing to spend so much on my BL hobby.

      Yeah, ‘Touch me, and melt me’ is Kobato Mebaru’s doujinshi continuation of her tankoubon ‘Sawatte, Tokashite’ so there isn’t any Ogura Muku. 8( Sorry.

      • kery says :

        Oh goddd you should see my room. I spent two hours yesterday just sorting out the newer doujinshi into their series. I’m the kind who can skip meals to buy doujinshi orz. My addiction has totally turned me into a hikikomori, lol.

        Oho. Maybe you can try emailing the person who runs Blissful Sin and see if she wants it. They did that project after all.

        • ふう子 says :

          Sounds like a fujoshi’s dream haha. And I totally understand the whole ‘skip meals’ thing. Every time I consider buying something the thought that runs through my head is “…would I rather have this or would I rather have more money to buy new BL manga?” Usually I end up putting the thing back rofl. orz

          Hmmm maybe. But I would feel weird emailing her just to ask her to buy my crap haha.

          • Abscondite says :

            HAHA I’m like this too. Much rather buy tankoubons our djs than… clothes… food… basic necessities. Vacation this year? Only if we’re going to Akihabara or something… /fail

            • Abscondite says :

              Ignore my spelling fails please. Coffee has killed whatever shreds of intelligence I had that were still lingering on.

            • ふう子 says :

              Ahaha pretty much. BL manga is the only thing I’m willing to spend (incredibly excessive amounts of) money on—nothing else is necessary lol. As much as I love Starbucks’ iced maccha latte in the summer, I’ll probably pick BL manga over it every single time the choice comes up this year. /o\

  3. mango says :

    Hello ^^ You don’t come on aim often so I never get a chance to say hi ^.^

    I was wondering where you got your copy of Staff Room or the set of djs you mentioned above. I am also looking for that dj but if you don’t want to give up your secret that’s ok too ^_~* I understand!

    • ふう子 says :

      Sorry! I always forget to go on messenger services. orz But now that I know people have me added I’ll try to go on more often haha.

      It’s not a secret at all! I actually bought it in a set of four with ‘Hanauta Apartment’, ‘At Home Happy System’ and ‘Touch me, and melt me’ off of Yahoo! Japan Auctions:

      A lot of the time they refuse to ship overseas (and you can contact them only if you know Japanese) so you usually have to use a service like Celga or Shopping Mall Japan, etc. to buy off there. And it’s usually rather expensive. But I do see ‘Staff Room’ on there every once in a while for around 1600円 or so!

  4. mango says :

    Oh thanks so much I will try looking for it on JP auctions ^^

    As for “Hanauta Apartment” and “At Home Happy System” are those the two the two books on the bottom? Are they new because I have not seen any of them online at any of the dj bookshops I visit. I use toranoana but I don’t see those two under Mebaru Kobato’s list.

    Do you perhaps have a list of Mebaru Kobato’s original djs in japanese name :)

    I can only search on the bookshops but usually they dont have all the older titles.

    Sorry for bothering you >___<

    • mango says :

      Actually I just remembered the one on the bottom with the grey cover is called おりおりとじとじ and I have it ^^ It’s sooo short only a few pages that I almost forgot about it hehe silly me!

      but the one second from the bottom of the pile I do not recognize it and if you don’t mind I would love to know the Japanese title and maybe I can find it online somewhere.

      I only original djs by this circle know of are:

      あいしてる love you
      touch me,and melt me
      アットホーム ハッピー システム

      I don’t know if there should be more but this was all I found while searching this circle. I really hope to be able to collect all of them :)

      • ふう子 says :

        That one is called ‘Hanauta Apartment’, and the title in Japanese is 「ハナウタアパート」. It says it was first printed in 2007. Do you want me to take a picture of the cover?

        Good luck in completing your collection! :3

    • ふう子 says :

      No problem!

      Those are the two under Staff Room, and one is from 2007and the other is from 2008. I think they’re a bit rare if only because they’re getting pretty old at this point as far as doujinshi go. I believe both of them were created for and sold at J.GARDEN.

      I don’t, sorry! Even I’m having trouble finding a concrete list of all the doujinshi she’s created. If I can find one I’ll definitely let you know!

      It’s no bother! If it’s about BL manga I’m more than happy to answer any questions I receive haha.

      • mango says :

        oh and just a side question. I usually just buy a lot of doujinshi but lately I wish to also start collecting mangas. I know you really enjoy collecting so many mangas and magazines so first I was curious if you are from outside of Japan like me. I am from the United States (precisely NYC) and it’s expensive shipping the books from Japan. And I know of the bookstore Kinokuniya which is around $10-11 a book. I’m just curious where you purcahse your mangas because it seems like you also get many of them shipped to your house.

        • ふう子 says :

          I’m also from the United States, and buy completely offline. Some of the things I get in the mail are gifts, but most of them I ordered off Amazon Japan. The shipping is insanely expensive, so I wouldn’t recommend them—if I recall correctly, Rakuten has almost everything you can get off Amazon and they also offer cheaper shipping. BK1 also has a pretty good selection of tankoubon, though they don’t carry a good selection of monthly publications. For out of print items or doujinshi I usually purchase of Yahoo! Japan Auctions or sometimes if I can get a good deal. When I buy off auction sites I use Shopping Mall Japan, though I don’t know how much I like them as a service. When I buy of sites like Tora no Ana, however, I use Celga.

          Hope that helps!

          • mango says :

            hehe you are so thorough ^^ have you ever heard of HMV ONLINE so far I know they are a Japanese entertainment store and they have an english site and they sell all the books amazon sells or at least the books I want. I found their shipping to be a little cheaper but it’s only an estimated shipping cost since I haven’t actually made a real purchase yet >_< I also checked the prices on amazon and pretended to add stuff to the bag and to check the shipping … boy was it expensive!

            I always check your blog for new information about new artist. I almost like at least 80% of all the artist you listed on your blog and also I come here to get the blog links of the artist you have on the right side of your homepage! It's very useful because its hard to find them sometimes :)

            thanks so much again for you help I will look at those bookstores you mentioned!


            • ふう子 says :

              haha thanks, if there’s anything I’m good at it’s giving a bunch of pointless details. (see: this blog) I have heard of HMV, but I had no idea they sold books as well! I’ll have to look through their site and see if they have the magazines I usually buy. :3 It’s the biggest reason I won’t purchase off BK1—they don’t have any of my favorite magazines. And yeah, Amazon’s shipping is just CRUEL. They used to have inexpensive shipping until three or four years ago when they suddenly decided that all overseas orders had to have 2-day, expensive shipping. Though I do like getting my packages only two days after they ship, haha.

              I’m glad you like a lot of the artists I post about! 8D And also that you find the links useful. I try to add as many as possible but then I start wondering how many is too many haha.

              No problem! Feel free to ask me any more questions if you have them! :3

  5. BLScanlations (@BLScanlations) says :

    Are you still selling Touch Me and Melt Me?

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