Today in manga I want to read, part 02

BL is a really expensive fandom to keep up with if you live overseas and still try to keep up with a small fraction of the Japanese releases. Which can be frustrating, and lead to angst-filled posts about longing such as this one. /o\ I really need to break the habit of constantly perusing places like Chill Chill and Amazon or I’ll go broke.

Tonari-san to Issho by Chiba Ryouko
It looks so cute oh my god. It’s books like this (and Koi no Magarikado and Ookami Shounen) that make me wonder why I never buy Hanaoto in actual magazine form—everything they release is always so cute. Not to mention this is by Chiba Ryouko. How could you possibly lose?? They’re holding hands! Pastel polka dots! Looks so fluffy!

Shounen Tsubaki by Konjiki Runa
See?? Hanaoto! Konjiki Runa. *A* She has a really great art style—I fell for her around the same time I fell for Kobato Mebaru, but for some reason I always forget to mention Konjiki Runa when I talk about my favorites. She has such an interesting way of writing sexuality and if the cover if any indication I doubt this story would disappoint.

Ateuma Rider ~Hoshigari Bouya to Zetsurin Otoko~ by Kataru Cisco
It’s currently at #5 on Chill Chill’s ranking, and if the fact that it’s published under the Pierce line weren’t enough, the title is filthy, the cover is filthy, and when you try to go to the amazon page it forces you into agreeing that you’re the proper viewing age for such content. If this isn’t probably the most delicious porn I’ll ever see in my life, I’ll be shocked.

Hito ni Ienai Aidagara by Yukimura
Yukimura’s latest manga! /o/ I love the cover design. Cheesy, tacky black and pink striped background with two attractive boys making angry faces while they’re supposed to be making out? What more could I possibly want? Also, I really like the way Yukimura draws butts. Delicious.

Sono Koi ni wa Wake ga Aru by Akiba Touko
The only thing I’ve ever read by Akiba Touko before is Zantei, Koibito which I actually didn’t really enjoy, but I nonetheless think her art is very cute and I want to give her story writing and characters a second chance with this book! It looks very fluffy and nice and I like the character designs much more in this one than in Zantei. Plus I like stories about all-boys schools. So much potential for dirty situations.

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4 responses to “Today in manga I want to read, part 02”

  1. Lennie says :

    lol :3 gonna check all these out lata…

  2. Abscondite says :

    Anything by Chiba Ryouko wins in my book. Has she ever written anything that didn’t leave you feeling wonderful by the end of it? Anyway, adding this tankoubon to my list!

    Konjiki Runa sounds familiar… did AF scanlate something by her… with the schoolmates who reunite during college/art school?

    I feel exactly the same way though, BL is a very expensive hobby. I put down $200 two weeks ago, and I already have another $300 ready to go in my cart. After a year of obscene spending sprees for my porny fix, I’m still going full throttle. LOL My husband is literally on his knees every night praying for me to burn out. Poor frugal, obsession-less hubby. 8P

    Texas really needs a Mandarake or Book Off, or maybe even a Kinokuniya so I can sit surrounded by BL everyday. Makes me want to open my own comic bookstore! LOL And you’re seriously giving SO much free advertising…

    • ふう子 says :

      I agree! /o/ She’s really brilliant. I have yet to read a single story by her that I disliked. This one looks like it’ll leave you feeling especially fluffy and happy considering how adorable the cover is. *A* I definitely don’t think I’ll be let down.

      Yep, two of her tankoubon have been scanned by AF, including the one you mentioned. I really like her stories.

      Really?? Haha I don’t feel so bad about my spending habits, then! I was worried that I was the only crazy woman spending so much on porn each month. orz I’m sure my bill this month will be absolutely terrible as well, as I already have seven magazines I want (which can get expensive, considering some anthologies are about $10 a piece) and then a bunch of tankoubon that are being released look ADORABLE and I won’t be able to resist them. I’ll go broke at this rate. orz But your poor husband, haha. Is there any way you’ll be able to get him interested in BL manga so he’ll support your crazy spending? XD;;

      I wish there were one where I’m from as well! Sadly, I hear that overseas JP book stores have pretty pitiful BL sections. Even when I was in New York the BL manga shelf was very small and mostly made up of English-licensed titles. So depressing. I definitely support this awesome idea of opening up your own BL-friendly comic store! /o/

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