drap 05/10

Two days ago I got the gift of a HUGE box of ten old issues of drap from my sister, because I guess she supports my porn habit. So I’ll try to talk about those a bit at some point (because they really have some awesome oneshots and unpublished series by some great mangaka (i.e. Kitabeppu Nica and Kusama Sakae) but I can’t promise anything because there are so many and I’m a bit overwhelmed. /o\

However, here is a review post of sorts for the latest issue of drap. /o/ Lots of oneshots, and lots of series that finished up.

Some images are not suitable for minors, etc. etc. gtfo if you are not 18+.

Pull-out poster advertisement for Sakura Haiji. /o/ He (she? idk) has a drap tankoubon coming out May 27th! The other side of the poster has a very colorful drawing by Oosawa Atsufumi, who is someone I don’t know anything about but the picture is pretty!

It starts off with a Fujitani Youko story but I didn’t read it very closely if only because it has two previous chapters, one of which is from an issue of drap that I don’t own. /o\ There’s also a story by Umezawa Hana, and then one by Hyuuga Seiryou.

The third and final chapter to M no Retsujou. A big part of why I like Hyuuga Seiryou might be because I think she draws hot sex scenes. If you couldn’t tell by my picture evidence. (Can I also take a second to point out how much I loved the insert page for chapter two? Hyuuga Seiryou can really draw a gorgeous uke if she wants to.)

This was followed by Ootsuki Miu’s fifth and final chapter of Ouji Hiroimashita. I thought this series was reaaaaally cute, so I’m sad to see it already ending. I’ll miss Shunichirou and Gin-chan. 8( Kijitora brought up the idea of a Oiji Hiroimashita spin-off with Shunichirou’s brother, and I can only say that I would LOVE THAT VERY MUCH. Oh man. Please, Ootsuki Miu! For all that is good in the world!

However, Gin-chan is uke! I was shocked!! Ootsuki-sensei always always draws her ukes with long eyelashes, so for Shunichirou to be seme really surprised me. However, just because Gin-chan was the one being penetrated, he was still pretty much the ‘seme’ as far as taking the lead during sex goes. Shunichirou seemed too shocked and unsure to do much of anything rofl.

I’m really starting to like Midoriyama Youko’s stories haha. They’re so dumb and cute.

lol horrible picture, sorry. /o\ A cute cute oneshot by Yamada Torico about two boys getting closer by sharing a room. I really love her art style—I wish I’d see her stories around more often.

I took a picture of that if only for the in-magazine announcement of Aniya-sensei’s first drama CD. /o/ People who listen to BLCD, you should definitely mark your calendars for June 25th! Me wo Tojite 3byou is a great manga, so I’m sure the drama will be awesome as well!

The Sakurai Ryou story is a continuation of last month’s oneshot. /o/ More and more often, I think Sakurai-sensei also does really nice sex scenes. They’re very lewd without being weird or kinky, and usually are between two men who’re very comfortable with their sexuality. I really like it.

Shimaji’s Chiisana Koi no Melody, chapter two! Since they were referring to it by chapters (instead of ‘beginning part’ and ‘ending part’) I thought it would be longer, but it seems this is the ending chapter?? I enjoyed it, though! I like stories about two friends who happen to fall in love. Very cute. Also, the handjob in the shower scene was delightful! /THUMBS UP

Speaking of Shimaji, the advertisement for her upcoming tankoubon:

Part one of Moto Haruko’s new drap story, Sagatte Omachi Kudasai. I haven’t read it as closely as I’d like to quite yet, but it seems promising. /o/ Plus, I will always love Moto Haruko’s art. Sketchy in all the best ways, and so expressive.

Volume two of Hisho Ikuseichuu! To be released on June 25th, the same day as Aniya-sensei’s drama. Delicious. :9

The second part of Matsuki Kasai’s manga. \o/ I really liked this one if only because I was a sucker for the scene in the first part where the seme tried to push himself sexually on the uke (this is me not remembering their names *idiot*), but then stopped and they talked for a bit and then consensually started making out in a much more loving, gentle manner. It was great.

Koike Marumi with a cute archery club story. I had never heard of her before but her art is quite nice.

Aaaaaand, the last part of Hino Garasu’s Kotonoha. Very lovely. ♡ I wish they’d just release a tankoubon for her already—she definitely has enough stories through drap at this point to deserve a proper tankoubon release. I wonder why they’re sitting on it. 8(

Anyway, as for the next issue, Ootsuki Miu has been dumped because her series ended. However, drap is welcoming back one of their main ladies, Nekota Yonezou, with open arms. I am probably most excited for the new oneshots by Chidori Peko and Sakurai Ryou, as well as the second half of Moto Haruko’s story and a Nangoku Banana pin-up. Kikuya Kikuko also gets a colored page. /o/ I look forward to this very much.

Next I will try to do one of these pitiful reviews for the latest issue of HertZ, but I’ve been a huge slacker lately so I make no promises rofl. orz

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6 responses to “drap 05/10”

  1. haphazardlycurious says :

    Queen here. I am glad that you are displaying more explicit pictures XD, makes one even more eager to read those stories hahaha.

    Btw, this might seem a silly question, but how do you put that link to your previous post there? Yes, I am a total newbie here…

    • ふう子 says :

      Ah, you got a wordpress blog as well? I’ll have to bookmark it! :3 And I’m always iffy about posting dirty images, since I’m afraid of getting in trouble. But I’ll try to post them a little more often if that’s what people want. XD

      Hmmm, I’m a noob as well so I’m not sure what you mean. Are you talking about the ‘« Spotlight: Shimaji’ thing at the bottom of the post? If so, it just does that automatically.

      • haphazardlycurious says :

        That’s adding it to blogroll right? Hmm that’s right, do they have something here for mature content? or you just say “beware children”

        Yeah I mean that…must be a feature of the theme you have then. Mine doesn’t have that but I have no idea how to edit it to add this feature..it’s going to stay that way until I really want to change it XD.

        • ふう子 says :

          Ahh no, the blogroll on this blog is all source links for the things I post haha. XD I just meant on Delicious/browser bookmarks. And I’m not sure if WordPress has something for mature content—I’ve never checked. I know that Blogger has something you can do that warns people that your blog has mature content, but I’ve never seen anything for it here. Which is why I put the “R-18” disclaimer in posts where I include explicit images.

          Haha probably. Finding a wordpress theme that works well is a pain in the ass, so I probably won’t be changing mine for a long time either. XD;

  2. Lennie says :

    “They’re so dumb and cute.”
    Are you sure that’s a good thing? (LOL)

    And sorry for not GTFOing :3

    • ふう子 says :

      hahaha yeah, I love dumb, cute things.

      It’s okay. XD;; I just put the warning there to hopefully keep myself from getting in trouble in case I’m not supposed to have any R-18 content on an open blog.

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