BOY’S Pierce 05/10

This time around I decided to talk about the magazines on a book-by-book basis, because this gives me more incentive to properly read every story and also makes it so I’ll have more general content to post on this blog. /o/ Because it sucks when I make an order, make one big post, and then have nothing to talk about for the rest of the month. So here we are, starting out with the first book: the May ’10 issue of BOY’S Pierce.

Obviously, I will just be taking pictures. Because my scanner is still dead rofl. 8( And obviously this is BOY’S Pierce we’re talking about, so reading any further down this post is agreeing that you are in fact 18 or older and are of legal age to view adult concepts.

We’ll start out with this month’s c/w item, which is a 2010~2011 school calendar. Don’t ask my why it’s a school calendar of all things, considering BOY’S Pierce should not be read by high school girls. Perhaps it’s for the young ladies in college, idk.

One thing I like about this calendar is that they mark all the Pierce series and magazine release dates haha. Now if only all BL publishers would do me that big a favor—it would cut my work right in half!

Kano Shiuko’s cover shot. Considering she gets the cover of every magazine, it would be weird to not have her on the cover of the calendar.

Narazaki Neneko gets April and May, and such awesome holidays as Haha no Hi and Kodomo no Hi, etc. I’m not sure what’s with the bear motif, exactly, but it’s kind of cute??

Kamon Saeko with a dark illustration for two bright months? July is my birthday month awwwyeah!

Some wet and sexy action from Taki Hajime for August and September. You never realize what a dull month August is until you look at the calendar and realize it’s pretty much the only month that has nothing going on.

Aniya Yuiji’s October and November illustration, once again proving just how… err… weird Aniya-sensei is. No matter how much I stare at it, I’m always a bit confused. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love it if only because it’s so weird and also because Aniya Yuiji is the one who created it.

Kitazawa Kyou with a nice, safe winter-y illustration for December and January. Needs more santa hats and mistletoe, though.

Ootsuki Miu’s sexy February/March spread. If the proportioning looks weird, it’s because of the way I was holding the calendar. /o\ Sorry. Anyway, I am always more than pleased to see more of the uke from Playzone. He is so pretty mmmyes.

Onto the actual magazine! /o/ I’ll only be talking about one story right now, since as much as I love BOY’S Pierce in theory they don’t often have artists I particularly care about so much that I’ll instantly look through their story and want to talk about it afterward. Just filthy, filthy porn. Especially this issue, which lacked Aniya Yuiji and Ootsuki Miu. How very, very sad.

But Gojoe was in this issue, which automatically makes it worth the money! Her story is called Ai no Telepathy and I guess it’s about two boys meeting who seem to understand each other extraordinarily well? idk I haven’t really read it properly yet but it’s hot and that’s all that matters.

Awww keep going, Gojoe!bb. I’d love to see more filthy smut from you. ♡

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5 responses to “BOY’S Pierce 05/10”

  1. Barbara says :

    Awesome!!! Thanks for this!

  2. sweetynight says :

    awesome XDDD
    Love Taki Hajime XD been a long since i’ve since something from… this author ^^;;;
    and Ai no Telepathy seems to be really interesting and thanks for the short preview XDDD

    And can I ask?! what is the latest work of Taki Hajime?! I havent’ been following any of the work!!! >_<""

    • ふう子 says :

      As far as I know (from checking Chill Chill) Taki Hajime’s latest work is called “Kimi to Mirai” and was released in November 2009. I’m not sure what other magazines she’s currently releasing in, but she does at least have a new chapter in the latest issue of BOY’S Pierce. /o/

  3. longnha says :

    the picture look so great, really! I wonder if you can give us a scan of this when your scanner ready? Thanks so much for this :”>

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