April Manga Arrival

Sorry about the ~raaage~ post yesterday, ladies—today we are going full-force with the happy thoughts. Because today is the day my book order from March arrived, with all the amaaaaazing BL manga that were released last month. I haven’t even touched the new Ootsuki Miu, Aniya Yuiji and Kobato Mebaru tankoubon yet. They are so beautiful to me that I’ll save them for last.

lol when I talked about these on twitter Chill Chill talked to me and it freaked me out. /o\ (Also, the other day Kumota Haruko talked to me about Mimi-kun and I pretty much had a joygasm. /cool story bro)

Beautiful. ♡ I shall try to get around to making a proper post about everything later tonight, but for now all I can say that Ootsuki Miu tricked me—and here I was thinking she would always and forever have her ukes be the ones with long, lovely eyelashes.



12 responses to “April Manga Arrival”

  1. shonenheart says :


  2. shonenheart says :

    anyway do you know another bl mangakas/illustrators’s pixiv?

  3. Barbara says :

    I actually enjoyed your raaage post. I thought of responding, but wasn’t sure my response was intelligent enough :D Something like “I can’t stand it when people comment on how cliched a yaoi manga is just to show how knowledgeable they are.” But maybe that’s just because I’m envious of their knowledge and sophistication!

    Or maybe it’s just because I like it to be all about the loooooove. Come on people now, smile on your brother (sister) everybody get together try to love one another right now! ;p

    • ふう子 says :

      Ahaha I’m glad! XD To be honest, I said to my sister after I posted it “now watch, everyone who follows my blog will un-follow me.” I thought I would just piss off the masses.

      For me it’s all about the love, too. I mean, I sometimes get frustrated when I think a manga doesn’t live up to what I assumed its potential was as well, but to start slinging insults just because of it is really too much. I prefer to spend time flailing about the manga I really enjoyed rather than show off how ~intellectual~ I am by using a bunch of big words and trying to prove how my taste is superior to everyone else’s ughhh.

  4. sweetynight says :

    uwooooooooh XDDD

    The first thing that got my eyes on is Katekyo on the cover XDDD I really wanna read it so badly >_< i can't wait to know more about them ^^

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