PSA: “STFU” a.k.a. “this is a rant”

Hi BL manga fandom, can I have a word with you?

Can we stop with shit like the second review down on this page? Please? Because it’s getting seriously annoying.

1. Yeah, Rio’s personality is kind of dumb. But in Japan, that kind of dopey personality is considered quite cute. Which is why you see it often among idols, in anime and manga, in TV drama personalities, etc. etc. It’s pretty unrealistic, obviously. Generally people aren’t that daft. (Even young girls, which you so kindly insinuated he acts like—go feminism!) But that’s what makes the personality so charming. And don’t even start with the “boys aren’t supposed to act like that, especially” shit unless you want to seriously piss off my gender studies-loving ass.

2. Yeah, the fact that they fell in love even though one is a nerd and one is the ~school stud~ isn’t the most realistic thing ever, but it’s not 100% never ever going to happen ever in any place on Earth. Also, it’s a manga for christ sake. A BL manga. It’s not supposed to be realistic. If BL manga were supposed to be realistic, the men would be burly and often hairy and they’d be douching every time before anal sex or at least wearing condoms. Of all things to bitch about being unrealistic, the fact that they fall in love???

3. He looked 12? Really? Really? Because to me, he looked at least 15 or 16. If anyone didn’t look his age, it was the seme who looked around 25 years old or so. If you think all males are supposed to be big and tall and beefy by the time they’re 17 or 18, you really need to go check out a high school. Some of them look pretty ~manly~, yeah, but a lot of them also still look pitiful and scrawny and young.

4. “… ripped from the pages of a bad shoujo or yaoi manga …” So? Yeah, there were a lot of the same old BL manga cliches in there, but you know why cliches exist? Because they work and because people tend to enjoy them. Just because something is cliche doesn’t make it bad.

5. “… but because this is a classic manga story written for girls …” Oh awesome, let’s take another chance to point out how superficial and unrealistic and vapid the things girls like are! Sweet deal! You’d never see something this stupid and unrealistic in a manga meant for boys, nooooo. :T

6. “I read yaoi to see men, not girls with penises, or little boys. It’s sad to see that Ougi felt like she had to sell out in order to sell manga. What’s popular isn’t always what’s good.” FFFFUUUUU—okay this one is what really pisses me off. Did this person talk to Ougi Yuzuha and Ougi-sensei confided in her that she only drew Darling because she had a gun to her head and was being forced? How does she know that sensei wasn’t loving every second of creating this manga? You can enjoy manly men and effeminate BL cliche men at the same time, FYI. Assuming that sensei is drawing this just because it’ll sell well is an incredible insult to Ougi Yuzuha. Don’t play down the effort she probably put into creating and planning this story just because you found it cliche and a waste of her talent.

Why do I see this so. damn. often in BL fandom? I don’t see it nearly so much in josei and shoujo, and almost never in shounen and seinen and GL. Do people feel ashamed of liking BL manga so they have to find every god damn chance they can to prove how much they hate the cliches by leaving obnoxiously picky, pretentious reviews. Why did this person feel the need to claim Ougi Yuzuha probably didn’t write this one because she actually enjoyed it? Does she think that is sticking up for the credentials in her favorite mangaka by saying “her work isn’t usually this crappy, guys, I swear!”?

I’m not saying that if you don’t like it then you shouldn’t leave a review. But why leave such nasty reviews? If you didn’t like how cliche (not ‘girly’, douche, cliche—stop referring to every annoying habit under the sun as ‘something girls do’) the story is, state it in an unbiased, informative, helpful manner. Don’t go insulting the manga and insulting the artist and insulting all of BL manga as a whole while you’re at it. If you hate BL manga cliches so damn much, then, newsflash, don’t read BL manga!

/venting a year’s worth of irritation all on one post urghhhh.

Disclaimer: this is not aimed at people who don’t like feminine ukes, and it’s not aimed at people who don’t like shota, etc. It’s aimed at people who seem to feel the need to point out that they hate 99% of BL manga because it’s all so ~cliche~ and unrealistic. It’s annoying to see people who claim to be in BL manga fandom constantly talking shit about almost all BL manga—especially when they’re bitching about one of your favorite mangaka—as if it makes them better than all other BL manga fans who don’t mind the cliches. And then they insult females while they’re at it by referring to everything feminine about a character as if it’s a huge negative. What the hell? As a feminist that annoys the hell out of me, even when my friends do it.

Really, it’s just my pet peeve to see people claim their preferences are somehow superior to other people’s i.e. claiming that Ougi Yuzuha Brother is better than Darling just because said reviewer enjoyed one but not the other. It’s annoying. And I see it so often in BL fandom ughhhh.


7 responses to “PSA: “STFU” a.k.a. “this is a rant””

  1. AzureKitsune says :

    I’m with you on that. Seriously, if they don’t like it, why bother reading and leaving such nasty reviews? It’s just that simple for everything that I come across.

    I’ll respect that Person A liked Series X, even if I didn’t like it. Still, that’s no reason to bash the mangaka. If Kouga-sensei or Nakamura-sensei came up with something that I DIDN’T like, I wouldn’t bash them for it.

    Some BL fans these days just don’t get it. These people work hard on these stories for months–even years. And to trash it like it was a piece of garbage? Pfft. They really do need to STFU and STFD.

    • ふう子 says :

      Exactly! If you’re so against the character designs, especially—those aren’t going to change throughout the manga (usually, unless it’s a super long-running manga) so why keep reading? Just look at the uke and seme, see if they’re too ~girly~ or young-looking for you, and move on. Why leave nasty reviews bashing the manga? And the “well I suppose the art is okay, and the manga was a bit funny at times…” line at the bottom doesn’t make the review any less obnoxious. Reviews are meant to be helpful and unbiasedly point out what you considered pluses and minuses of reading. I guess hoping for that on MU was just me expecting too much.

      “And to trash it like it was a piece of garbage?”
      THIS x1000000! I can understand not liking a manga, but I’m so sick of seeing all these reviews that are way over-the-top about how horrible and pointless a manga is. Especially when it’s for really stupid-ass reasons. Manga isn’t generally meant to be deep and mind-blowing—it’s supposed to be a form of entertainment. So to be all pissy when a manga wasn’t the most amazing life-changing experience you’ve ever had is just flat-out obnoxious.

      • AzureKitsune says :

        That’s the whole point OF manga: Entertainment! It’s not supposed to mimic real life in any way shape or form; it’s a means to escape RL for a while, like a vacation.

        • ふう子 says :

          I think there are some manga that can be taken as more than entertainment (as an example, Rokuhana Chiyo’s “I.S.”) but I really can’t stand the insinuation that if a manga ISN’T super deep and meaningful then it’s somehow less worth your time and attention. I don’t like the idea of people telling me that, say, my interest in Yamashita Tomoko makes me “cool” whereas my interest in Ootsuki Miu is something to be embarrassed and ashamed about just because she’s a bit more cliche and focused on sex scenes. Because I like them both for the same reason, you know?—because I like BL manga.

          There’s just something about the idea of having to feel ashamed of the things you enjoy just because some random douchebag comes along and decides for you that “hey, this one is cool but that other one you like? That one totally takes away your coolness points.” I don’t want to have to pretend I dislike half the BL manga I enjoy just so I can be part of this hip, awesome crowd that seems to think they know the ins and outs of what makes a BL manga worth reading or not ughhh. /o\

  2. shonenheart says :

    lololololol why this guy bother to write such loooonnggg review for something bad, when there’s actually a shorter and simple way. you download it, read and dont like it then just press delete if you dont want to see it anymore, voila~ problem has solved. you dont need to bash the manga and the mangaka to show how much you hate it.

    if it doesn’t suit your taste why dont you just go looking for another that might suit your taste and you enjoy it better than this, i mean there’s so many types and styles in BL that you can choose.

    and too realistic gay sex with bulky hairy manry men might scare most of bl fans i think, we are liking BL because it has a beautiful story along with beautiful drawings right?

    • ふう子 says :

      Ughhh SERIOUSLY. There’s no need to sit and bash it and then insinuate Ougi Yuzuha is a sell-out and talk about how there are so many ~better~ things to read. That’s just obnoxious and makes me want to kick puppies. If the person hated it so damn much they could have just put it down/closed the window and found something more to their taste.

      Yeah, most BL fans don’t want to think of what real non-clean and non-fluffy gay sex is really like. I’m pretty much that way—I prefer watching two attractive, pretty men go at it than two huge burly old dudes rofl. That’s why I read BL. If I wanted realistic homosexuality I’d watch REAL gay porn or read some gay literature written by actual gay men. But I don’t necessarily want realism, I want something interesting that’ll take up some of my free time and make me pleased one I’m done reading it.

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