Release News! /o/

Source for the first two is Kijitora! \o/

→ Ogura Muku will be releasing a tankoubon on… some undecided date in May idek. The same day as volume two of Usagi Otoko Tora Otoko, I would assume. Through Chocolate Comics, which should mean her cute cute sensei story will be included. The title will be Mizuiro to Pink, Sore kara Dai Dai. This woman truly excells in all things cute, doesn’t she?

→ As for Katase Waka, on the 24th of May she’ll be releasing a tankoubon for her LYNX series Link -Boku to Kimi no Aida-. This seems to be a very cute story and I only have the last two chapters, so YAY! Also, there will probably be other stories as well since I’m pretty sure Link was not enough to fill an entire tankoubon.

→ Kumota Haruko tweeted earlier today about updating her site for all her April releases! If you go there you’ll see a suuuuuper cute drawing of Mimi-kun and Kaoru-chan, the two characters from her very first Cab release! As previously talked about, she gets the cover of Cab this month as well as a yomikiri which is supposedly about Mimi-kun again titled Mimi-kun no Heart no Earring. I’m super super excited to see another story with these two, since they’re the two boys who made me fall in love with Kumota-sensei. (*A* )

(In other Kumota Haruko news, she has done a few illustrations for her friends in a band called HOMMヨ. If you’re curious about them, their site is here. Her illustration is on the main page, and she has also done a promo poster for them. Cute stuff. If you’re curious about the actual band, here is their MySpace. If you like Japanese indie rock, I recommend them. They’re pretty badass. /stops talking about music now)

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