Snippets 009

♔ → From an image Aniya Yuiji posted to her twitter, it can be assumed that her latest tankoubon release Me wo Tojite 3byou will be having a drama CD release in late June. iirc this would be her first drama CD.

♔ → Earlier today drap announced on their twitter account that Aniya Yuiji’s out of print manga Renai Saiban no Yukue is now enjoying a reprint! /o/ This is exciting for me because it means I won’t have to buy it off a used book or auction site and deal with fees from a deputy service. Winnnn! Now if only LYNX would kindly reprint Kobato Mebaru’s Hashitteyuku Doko Made mo, as that also went out of print before I could purchase a copy for myself.

This is also exciting because it means drap considers Aniya-sensei popular enough to see this as a good move. Thank you, drap & Core Magazine! ;A;

♔ → Speaking of drap, the May cover was posted a few days ago! Moegi Yuu got the cover, pointing once again to a high possibility of a third volume of Katekyo. There is delicious Hino Garasu, Moto Haruko, Sakurai Ryou and Ootsuki Miu to be had within. :9 I’m suuuper excited to read the next chapter of Ouji Hiroimashita, since the relationship was finally showing some delicious development. Will this next chapter have a sex scene? Or perhaps more sweet kisses? However, the May issue does not have a new chapter by Jaryuu Dokuro. How sad.

Supposedly there’s something interesting about the line-up for the June volume (since Kijitora blogged about it) but I’m waiting for my issue to arrive before I check it out. /o\

♔ → ASUKA CIEL’s cover was also revealed. Kisaragi Hirotaka’s glorious series Brother x Brother is on the cover, and can we say “Kitabeppu Nica”?

♔ → The cover for Comic Anthology Canna has also already been posted up on the Amazon! Japan pre-order page. The time is drawing near! It is so beautiful I just want to sit and stare at it like a loser.

♔ → Ogura Muku’s latest novel with Sakiya Haruhi, Fukinshin de Amai Zanzou, is currently #4 on Chill Chill’s novel ranking. In old news, I still can’t read it.

While we’re talking about Chill Chill’s rankings, I’d also like to point out that Kobato Mebaru’s Ijiwaru na Kuchizuke is currently #14 and Aniya Yuiji’s Danshi Meiro is #19.

♔ → One of my twitter friends (whose name I won’t mention since she’s locked) pointed this one out, which I had previously written off as something I wouldn’t be able to read since I was somehow under the assumption it was a novel: Kakugo wo Kimete with art by Miike Romuko and story by Watarumi Naho. Does it not look absolutely adorable? ffffff want to read.

♔ → In other “things I want to read” news, there are two new titles by Kari Sumako—Komekami Hyou Hyou and Neko wa Hako no Naka, which ran in sister magazines HertZ and CRAFT respectively—that were out of stock on Amazon in less than a month after they were printed. I found this understandable since the few reviews I’ve seen for it were very positive. However, I haven’t seen it get that high on any rankings—the highest I’ve seen it on Chill Chill’s is #16, and it’s not even in Amazon’s. (Though that could just be because Amazon needs to get their ass in gear and get it back in stock… /o\)

♔ → Also in things I wish Amazon! Japan would get back in stock: OPERA volume 18. 8|

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