Spotlight: Matsumoto Miecohouse

It’s time for Matsumoto Miecohouse! /o/ Whom I’ve been interested in for a long time, but just now finally got around to reading properly. Her story in HertZ, Sawattemo ii ka na, seems really really really interesting. Sadly, I only have the third chapter—but that didn’t keep me from becoming incredibly interested in Matsumoto Miecohouse’s other works.

Koi no Mannaka
Terebi-kun no Kimochi

She also has a story running in HertZ as previously mentioned, one in RuTiLe called Hoshi no Kazu Hodo, and has a novel released with her art by Ichiho Michi as well as one by Watarumi Naho. On her site she’s posted a lot of Tennis no Oujisama fanart, and she has also done quite a lot of doujinshi. She made a rather large splash with her debut BL manga Koi no Mannaka, and while she isn’t considered one of the current favorites she’s far from being unknown or ignored. As of yet, none of her manga have been picked up for scanlation into English. This includes the manga she has published under her alternative shoujo pen name, Okachimachi Hato.

Her art is a bit weird. When I first saw it, I was somewhat taken aback by it. Her bodies are such that her characters don’t look unrealistic, necessarily, but they look so gangly with long, scrawny limbs and big eyes and pouty lips. In a way, my first experience with Matsumoto Miecohouse was similar to my first experience with Aniya Yuiji—I wasn’t all that interested in her art until I noticed how incredibly expressive her faces are.

And it works well with her stories, which can be incredibly emotional at times. Koi no Mannaka and Sawattemo ii ka na especially, which are two stories that have quite a bit of angst. Matsumoto Miecohouse seems to have a dark streak, even though her art and stories seem quite cutesy from just a moment’s glance. She knows how to make the most random things (such as fantasizing about your friend having sex) incredibly bittersweet.

Her characters are quite interesting. She doesn’t seem to follow any certain set of personality patterns; the way she writes her characters depends on the tone of the stories. In her angsty stories her characters go from sweet and naive to melancholy, setting a beautiful but bitter tone. In her happy stories her character tend to be more slap-stick and cute but nonetheless keep an underlying sense of realism and personal insecurity.

Her H scenes aren’t really explicit, but I still find them quite breath-taking. She takes a very slow pace when writing sex, focusing on things like a hand gripping the bedsheets or someone slowly sliding their palm up the inside of their lover’s thigh. She doesn’t do the thing where the sex scene takes only one page and is over just as quickly as it started. I really like the way she writes sex—quite loving and sweet. Except for some of the scenes in Koi no Mannaka. But there’s a reason for that, so.

Overall, I quite like her. Her powerful stories written with such an oddly cute art style were a shock to my system, and it made me instantly fall in love with her.


2 responses to “Spotlight: Matsumoto Miecohouse”

  1. Mei says :

    ahhhhh!(= v =) ….. she’s one of my most admired and forever loved mangaka <3 everything you had written about matsumoto miecohouse is the best description about her work ( ; v ;) thank you :)

  2. azurelucy says :

    Have you read Hoshi no Kazu Hodo? Apparently it hasn’t been very popular? Too many couples or something like that.

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