Shousetsu Dear+ loves Kobato Mebaru

I cannot read novels but for some reason I still check those covers right along with the regular comic anthology covers. I mean, you never know what you could be missing! Granted, they’re usually just gorgeous illustrations by novel-only artists that just make you feel even worse that you can’t read BL novels, but sometimes it’s a gem that makes it all worthwhile!

SEE? Very worth wasting time checking the novel anthology covers as well. For a while the cover on Chill Chill for this season’s Shousetsu Dear+ was an OLD Kobato Mebaru cover—one that was used for the Dear+ comic anthology a while back. Which made me lol. But it has since been updated by this new super-adorable and very spring-like cover. So cute. ♡

If you know Japanese much better than I do, the book can be purchased here!

Sorry this blog has been so boring lately! /o\ I was planning on scanning something by Kumota Haruko and something by Katou Setsuko, but my dear sister’s computer (which has the scanner on it) has died. So I’ve been taking a break from scanning, as hooking the scanner to my computer is too much of a hassle. Hopefully I’ll have some upcoming release news at some point soon, though!

Also, for anyone following her twitter isn’t Kumota Haruko adorable? She noticed she has English-speaking followers, so when she was thanking people for following her she also added “I do appriciate you who following me on twitter.” Ahhh god I think I fell in love for a second there.

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