“Me wo Tojite 3byou” tankoubon cover

Sometimes I kind of wonder if Aniya Yuiji is truly my favorite, because more than anything I’ve been checking drap’s site over and over for Aniya Yuiji’s tankoubon cover. Even though she has already posted the image on her site various times so I already technically knew what the cover would look like. But it’s still exciting to see the cover release, because it means I’ll be holding the book in my hands in not too much longer.

Personally, I think this is the prettiest of all Aniya Yuiji’s tankoubon covers so far. The lines and colors are so soft and I love the way the characters are looking at each other. Really lovely. If you haven’t already heard of Aniya Yuiji’s Me wo Tojite 3byou, you can see a short sample of the first chapter on her site here. This is her latest work that ran in drap and ended in the February ’10 issue. I’ve only seen the last chapter, so I’m excited for more.

If it seems interesting to you, please consider buying a copy and supporting Aniya-sensei! You can preorder the tankoubon here (which is where I mooched the cover from) and there’s more information about it on drap’s release page here.

(And just so you know, this release will be taking place April 3rd which is Aniya-sensei’s birthday! So if you know Japanese—or even a short English message would possibly be okay?—you should definitely send her a tweet or site message on that day!)


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