Spotlight: Yukihiro Utako

This is a VERY worthless spotlight post (perhaps to make up for how long and rambly the Yamashita Tomoko post was) because I have technically never read anything aside from a couple chapters of an online comic for Yukihiro Utako. However, as far as I know she doens’t have a website so I know that if I don’t do this I’ll forget all about her. And I don’t want to forget about her because her art is gorgeous. Like, pretty on the same level as Katase Waka’s.

Ai yori Amaku (author: Ichiho Michi)
Tada Hitotsu no Hikari (author: Rioka Nagi)

You can also read her manga (written by Sakiya Haruhi) online here:

However, you can only read chapters one and four. orz Chapters two and three have already run their ‘free preview’ status. Hopefully once the manga has run completely there will be a tankoubon release!

I really want to see more from her, since I was taken by her art the second I saw it. However, all she’s done so far is novels and this web comic??

If you don’t already know about it, I highly recommend checking out RuTiLe’s online comic previews! They’re quite useful and delicious. :9 There are many different artists and story chapters to look at.

eta: found her site!


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