Comic Anthology Canna

Now that they finally have their website up and running, I feel a little more sure about writing up a post for Canna. As already stated in this post, Comic Anthology Canna is a brand-new anthology that will be making its debut in late April. For a long time they were a bit hush-hush—it took me about a week and a half after hearing the phrase ‘カンナ’ on Yahoo!Japan auction to figure out that it was a new comic anthology that was just starting out it’s promotion cycle.

Though they first started promoting mainly offline with pamphlets and collectable card type things, Canna is finally starting to promote the anthology online. Just two days ago Canna finally debuted they’re website and a week before that I was able to find their twitter account. Please follow or bookmark them if you’re interested!


After this first month they’ll supposedly be releasing monthly (which seems unusual for a new anthology) on the 22nd. Three artists that make me really excited for this anthology are Ootsuki Miu, Sunae Hata and Kojima Lalako. /o/ But of course, all the others are very good artists as well. Here’s to hoping this anthology will be worth the hours and hours I spent trying to find information on it.

Six volumes of ‘countdown papers’ have been released so far, which you can find by looking through a!jp or Canna’s twitter page—they post a lot of really great, tempting twitpics to keep you hyped!

The publisher, Printemps Shuppan, can be found here. They seem to publish a lot of amazing-looking BL novels so I recommend checking them out as well!

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