Welcome to heartbreak

J.Garden 28 is tomorrow! If you don’t know J.Garden, it’s a short convention of sorts to showcase the many lesser-known and up-and-coming BL artists out there in the market, as well as to give BL fans a place to come together. Many manga and doujinshi artists go out of their way to create a book specifically for J.Garden, whether in the form of a comic or even a short novel. It’s somewhat of a big deal in the Japanese fujoshi fandom.

“Japanese fujoshi fandom” being the main phrase of that sentence. If you’re like me and many others like me, who pay attention to the Japanese fandom but do not live in Japan, these conventions can be rather heartbreaking—watching your favorite mangaka prepare a special something that you won’t get your hands on until after the price is inflated ridiculously and the book is prepared for sale on Yahoo! Japan Auctions.

This is especially angst-filled for me, as the lovely Munya Munya Sue—Kobato Mebaru and Ogura Muku’s circle—have prepared a new doujinshi titled Ori Ori Toji Toji. The book will only be eight pages long and cost only 100円, and Ogura’s story has to do with Sentimental Garden Lover‘s Shima while Kobato’s has to do with her latest tankoubon Baby Baby Baby.

Of course, many other amazing BL artists will be attending. If you know all the names of your favorite author circles, you can check for them here.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll hopefully be posting something good! Hint: it’s related to Ogura Muku! Please look forward to it. /o/

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2 responses to “Welcome to heartbreak”

  1. Lennie says :


    You really do know a crap load about BL don’t you ; u ;

    I just hunt for what I can online. =u=b I’m not allowed to go anywhere near those places in conventions, but I never wanted to anyways.

    NOW I DO HGNNNH * grabby hands* XD What a useless comment

    • ふう子 says :

      Haha I wish I knew MORE, actually! 8D If only my Japanese were better. As well as my location. orz

      I would love to go to a BL convention, but since I’m such a shy person I’d probably feel too embarrassed to attend. XD; Having a shameless BL blog where no one can see my face feels totally different to actually facing the crowds in-person at a convention. But to a con like J.Garden or Comiket I think I’d want to go just to get my hands on the special goods many mangaka lovingly prepare. *also makes grabby-hands*

      rofl it’s okay, I enjoy reading comments of all usefulness-levels. X3 ❤

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