Sunae Hata “Koutetsu no Baby Leaf”

lol I have no clue if I romanized that katakana properly???

But hnnggg you guys, Sunae Hata is pretty much my new obsession. As I said before, I bought LYNX volume 30 just because I wanted to see something by Sunae Hata, and I am so glad. (Even if I did only get the third chapter, and thus missed a bunch…) Her art is adoooorable—even more so than I thought it would be. I am in love! So cute! So fluffy! So pretty!

Look at that uke face! I challenge everyone to find something anywhere near as adorable as that. And it’s not even a picture of his moe!tears from the end of the chapter. Plus! The seme is hetare which is my favorite kind of seme. Big dorks—that’s the best kind. Especially when they blush and stammer and then fail so adorably hard to say something smooth and sexy.

And it has heartbreaking lines like:
「冗談じゃないですよ。初恋の相手が男 ねんてもう死にたい。」


This manga is everything I wanted and more. The April 29th tankoubon release can’t come fast enough, not even gonna lie!


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