Aniya Yuiji “Danshi Meiro” SFR

I’m not at home so I don’t have a scanner and I don’t have my big fancy camera so there’s not much I can do. Thus, I’ve dubbed this a “SFR” or “Stupid Fangirl Review”. I have nothing of depth to say but I just finished the initial ‘I don’t have a Japanese dictionary with me but I’ll read as much as I can right now’ read-through of Aniya Yuiji’s Danshi Meiro and I just have to say




No seriously it’s absolutely fabulous. Now that I have all the stories in one place and see how they all connect and was given a chance to read it more closely in a way where all the random context was understood I can openly admit that Aniya Yuiji is probably my favorite thing that ever happened to BL manga. Just the right amount of sweet and silly and stupid and dirty all in one place. Oh Aniya-sensei, you genius you. ❤


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