Kouun no Rihatsushi 2

Another reason I’m glad I bought the April volume of Chara: the prologue for Kouun no Rihatsushi 2! If you haven’t read it, DP scanlated the first part. It’s a very cute story (that started out as a oneshot) about a young man who gains confidence after a haircut and some advice by a very pretty, cheerful barber who cuts his hair while he’s down in the dumps due to unrequited love.

I was kind of shocked when I saw it, since I hadn’t known it was getting a continuation.

Awwyeah! ♡ This is definitely the perfect excuse to waste the next hour rereading the first part.


2 responses to “Kouun no Rihatsushi 2”

  1. lemondrops says :

    Oh wow, this has always been one of my favorite BL titles! The fact that it’s getting a sequel is so exciting ❤ Thank you for the good news :)

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